Children's Choice Awards

5 of the nominees for read alouds in your class

The Day the Crayons Quit

Duncan opened his crayon box at school only to notice several letters left for him written by his crayons! In this short story, Duncan reads the letters from the different crayons, each evoking a different emotion. This creative piece of writing would be good for students to learn about different emotions and how to handle different situations. The book offers a lot of room for prediction on what Duncan will do at the end after reading all of the letters from his crayons. I also would love to use this book in my classroom to talk about diversity, even though they are just crayons, children can learn that the world (much like a box of crayons) is diverse in that everyone has different qualities and personalities.

Three Hens and a Peacock

Three Hens And A Peacock

Big Mean Mike

The Three Little Fish and the Big Mean Shark

This is much like the old tale: The Three Little Pigs. Instead, there is a shark that tries to open the newly made seaweed home the fish made. The shark attempts three times to destroy the house and he fails, in the end he loses all of his teeth as a consequence. This would be good for students because there are a lot of examples of rhyming words. I would also use this book in my class as a shared reading.

Bad Kitty for President

I would use this in class around election time every year. Not only would this be an opportunity to teach children a little about politics, but it would also help them recognize good qualities leaders should have. This book offers a range of good and bad qualities that leaders should have that could adequately teach them about leading a group of people.
Bad Kitty for President