iOS Apps for K-12 Classrooms

Samrah Burney


What is Toontastic?

This is an app that allows students to create their own cartoons through animations and voice recordings. Students can then share their masterpiece to others all around the world.

How can Toontastic be used?

This app engages students and lets them reflect on what they've learned. It motivates them and results in a work that they can be proud of. For example, a science teacher can have students make a cartoon about the water cycle by applying what they've learned in class.

Khan Academy

What is Khan Academy?

Khan Academy provides students with free helpful resources in numerous subjects. From step-by-step math videos to articles related to topics on art history or biology, it has it all.

How can Khan Academy be used?

This app allows students to brush up on concepts they might not understand or it may simply expand their learning on different topics. It can especially be helpful for students who are homeschooling and learning online. It lets students learn at their own pace all for free!


What is Flashcards+?

Flashcards+ is a tool that acts as a substitution to regular flashcards. Students can create their own flashcards with texts and images. The flashcards can be shuffled, shared with friends, and categorized to what you know and what you don't know.

How can Flashcards+ be used?

This app can help students memorize different concepts when reviewing for their exams. It's a great study tool that is both convenient and environmentally friendly.

Little Writer

What is Little Writer?

Little Writer is a tracing app for students. It's an engaging app for children of all ages and abilities.

How can Little Writer be used?

This app can teach students their upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers 1-10, and basic shapes. Little Writer also has voice recording options. It allows teachers to teach students with individual abilities and has them learn in a fun and creative way.


What is Mathmateer?

Mathmateer is an app that allows students to learn math in a fun and exciting way. A colourful rocket goes through different math missions that are different every time.

How can Mathmateer be used?

This app creates an enjoyable learning experience for students who may have troubles focusing. Teachers can have these individual students learn and have fun at the same time.

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