Super fun


I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. Fifth grade is when I really started to draw, with lots of detail. I have enjoyed it ever since then.

What I draw

When I draw it is mainly for family and friends. Most of the time my brothers ask for drawing of their favorite characters. So I usually draw cartoon characters like Winnie the pooh, dragon ball z, and dragons.

When I draw

I draw when I have free time or just cause I’m bored. My favorite thing to draw is horses but, I draw their faces most of the time. Sometimes my brothers ask for drawings just so they can show there classmates. When they come back home they tell me what everyone at their school thought about it. They tell me that there classmates said it was awesome, amazing, and incredible.

Present day

I still love to draw a lot; I love that I’m able to take all my emotions and put it on paper as a picture form. I find drawing as a way to let all my stress out. This is why I still love to draw! It’s just plain awesome to draw!
All pictures are from google images.(These are examples of things i would have drawn)