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May 2, 2016

The Great Dr. Marvine Marshall Reminder!

As we finish up this amazing year, take a moment to reflect on the growth all students have made this year; academically, socially, and emotionally! They have taken amazing strides and show evidence of learning and changing every day! Thank you for fostering a lot of these changes in a positive way! As a staff, we work exceptionally hard at creating a community that cultivates positive and preventative ways to address situations and choices. You rock!

As a refresher, here are some great ways to continue prompting student reflection on their choices:

If you’d like to ______, what do you need to do?

What would be a better choice?

What would an extraordinary person do right now?

Is what you're doing going to move you forward—or backward?

What can I do to help you?

What are your procedures to implement the plan?

How could you change?

How would you like to act right now?

Would you rather _______ or ______?

What do you suggest we do about it?

What would you have to do if you wanted to move forward in this situation?

Is there a better choice? What's an example of one?

Is what you’re doing helping you get your task done?

If you would like to get your task done, what would be your first step?

How does that look to you?

What kind of relationship are you creating right now?

What kind of impression are you making on all the people here when you _______? Is this the impression you want to make?

Consider writing some of your favorite reflective questions on a sticky and leave them in a place you can reference them quickly - this sometimes helps reminder ourselves to use these questions! Keep it up Pirates!

NP3 Announcements Mateys!

For Teachers Only:

  • Teacher Appreciation Breakfast: Wed May 4th before school from 7:30-8am in the staff lounge! Thank you Student Government!

  • 6th Celebration: May 13.

  • Trash-Pick-Up: May 3rd Pagan & Qasmi; May 4th Cassidy & Asher; May 6th is Hebb & Shifrine.

  • End of Year Rally: May 6th - this is an all Advisory/no enrichment afternoon.

  • Math Skills & Assessment for incoming 6th graders: Reminder 6th grade teachers! 4pm on May 10th & May 17th we have this assessment. You guys signed up for helping on these days earlier in the year. Thank you!

  • Teacher Appreciation Lunch: After school Thurs May 5 from 1:00-1:45 pm in the staff lounge! Thank you Boosters!

Share with Advisees:

  • WE LOVE NP3 TEACHERS! In light of teacher appreciation week, we want to celebrate the love and dedication of every single teacher at NP3! Thank you for all that you do! Mr. Berry! Mr. Cassidy! Mrs. Clark! Mr. Hebb! Mrs. Foster! Ms. Hall! Mrs. Hobbs! Mr. Kers! Mr. Kons! Mr. Larin! Mrs. MacArthur! Mrs. Michaelis! Ms. Missio! Mrs. Ounkeo! Ms. Pagan! Ms. Qasmi! Mrs. Rickards! Ms. Sakanari! Mrs. Shifrine! Ms. Silas! Ms. Sirisarnsombat! Ms. Snelling! Mrs. Thao! Mrs. Asher! Mrs. Williams! Ms. Wilner-Heard! Ms. Kidd! Mrs. Diaz!
  • Save the Date: NP3 MS Spring Open House is on May 11th 6-7pm. In addition to Open House, NP3 HS will be hosting their Bi-Annual Art Exhibition! There will be a reception from 5-7pm in the front office to kick off the celebration of art. The NP3 High Art Club will also have a booth for face painting and temporary tattoos to raise funds for 2016-2017 mural. This is an opportunity for everyone to view our resident artists and all the hard work they put in over the term. See attached flyer!

  • 8th Grade Promotion: 8th Grade Promotion is Friday June 3rd at 9am, a flyer and save the date are attached. Parents can take your child with you after the ceremony. A number of students have asked about dress code for the event. Dress Code for promotion are as follows: Girls-Semi Formal attire-Dresses, blouses, skirts, and dress pants are all appropriate (Shoulders/Backs/Midriffs MUST BE COVERED, NO T-SHIRTS, JEANS, OR SHORTS), Boys-Semi Formal attire-Khakis, Slacks, button up dress shirts, ties are optional (NO T-SHIRTS, JEANS, OR SHORTS) ***For clarification or in case you are in need of the above options please see Ms. Silas or Ms. Edwards.

  • Bike Month: May is bike month! Encourage your student to ride their bike to school and log their hours! Stay tuned for info on rider breakfasts and after school snacks!

  • Spirit Week: May 9th-13th. Monday-PJ/Stuffed Animal day; Tuesday-Twin Day; Wednesday-Sports Day; Thursday-Dress Up as Your Teacher; Friday-Neon Day (followed by the last dance).

  • Q4 Dance: May 13th from 3:30-5:30. Please pick up your kiddo at 5:30.

  • Bike Breakfast: Breakfast will be available from 7:40-7:55 for kids who ride their bikes to school. Yah for Bike Month!

  • Booster Meeting: The next one is 5/9! There are always snacks! 6:30 pm in the NP3 Library.

  • Booster Announcement: Boosters are running a Brick Fundraiser. to support Boosters and NP3. We hope to have enough bricks to make a pathway bridging middle and high school. Below is the link to our website and bricks are $50.00 apiece. If anyone has any questions, please contact Mrs. Giao Villalobos at Giao_villalobos@hotmail.com or 916-266-3220 (cell). http://www.thatsmybrick.com/np3ca

  • Pizza Sale: Student Government is selling pizza after school on May 5th.

  • Q4 End of Year Rally: Our last rally put on by student Government will be May 6th !

  • ACE Soccer: ACE Spring Soccer is just around the corner! First day of practice started Monday 4/25 and we are still accepting registration forms. The cost is $80, which includes a team jersey, coaches, and a snack each day. If you’re interested in playing, please see Mr. Kons for registration forms or you can email him with your questions (nkons@natomas.k12.ca.us).

  • Project Guardian: April’s Project Guardian focused on Kindness to Others. The Guardian of the Month and all of the student nominees exhibited kindness to others in a variety of ways and we thank them for being at Kind and at Level D, even when they thought no one was watching. The student of the month guardian for April is Kristen Chung from Mrs. Missio’s advisory. We are so proud of her!

  • 8th Grade College Fair: We are asking for parents to volunteer their time to judge our 8th grade college fair. We will need you only on the day of the event Friday, May 27, 2016 from 1-3pm. Please email Ms. Clark if you are interested or have any questions at clark@natomas.k12.ca.us.

  • 2017 DC Trip: After Open House on May 11th, we will be having a meeting to discuss fundraising for the current seventh graders’ 2017 east coast trip. Meeting will be at 7:00pm in Ms. Silas’ room.