By: Chris Gray & Josh Wall

France Introduction

- France can not be France without greatness "-Charles De Gaulle

-France nickname is the hexagon -The six sided country

France Regions

France Regions Northern France

-Paris is the economic,political and cultural capital of France

-Lille is an industrial city and has steel mills

South West France

-Grapes are used to produce wine

-Bordeaux is the central wine place

Southern France

Southern France is home to the Alps, and is very rugged. Southern France also forms 1/6 of France. The Alps hindered movement, so underground railways were built along with roads.

The Mediterranean

The Riviera, aka The Cote d' azur, transports tourists, and hosts the annual international festival.

East France

- one of the best

- cultural

-water ways and farming resources

France history

- Gaul because the Romans conquered it

- king at one point in time

- United states

Language and culture

- It is a big part of there culture

- They kept it for nationality

-dialects - Variation of language

- Aproves cultural words etc

Cultural identity

- Impressions - French painters

-Jean Paul

- Paris


France today

- Established national planning programs

-Formed new trade agreements

- Military action in IRAQ