What A Hit

Cadence Reynolds

At one of my volleyball games, we were finishing up the second game and the opposing team was winning. We had already won the first game, so the third game would determine the winner. We had to switch sides, huddle and discuss, and get a drink of water before starting the third game. I went to my spot, the top right corner and got down and ready. The referee blew the whistle and nodded to the girl who was serving on the other team. Right after, she threw the ball in the air and smacked it with the heel of her hand. It skimmed over her teammates' heads and hit the net. On her second try, it went higher and I knew it was coming to me.

It was like everything was in slow motion. I threw my hands up, getting ready to set the ball. I guess I wasn't fast enough, because the ball hit me so hard, right in the forehead. Everyone stared straight at me, some were giggling. Obviously, they had never got hit with a volleyball as hard as I just did.

The coach put me on the bench and sent in one of my teammates. "Are you okay?" he asked me. "N-N-No," I stammered while crying. He was probably mad that he lost his best player... me. "Just shake it off," he kept saying, half paying attention to me, half paying attention to the game. The pain eased, and soon enough, I was back playing and my first position was serving. I served it over perfectly every time and played without getting hit again.