Mrs. Lyons' Class

First Grade Math, Science, Social Studies

Week 24! February 9th-13th

Dates to Remember:

Bring your decorated Valentine box and cards no later than Friday morning!

Valentine Exchange & Noon Dismissal: February 13th

Winter Holiday: No School February 16th & 17th

Spring Book Fair: Wednesday, February 18th

Thank You!!!

A big thanks to Hadassah's dad for sending the droppers for our Rain Cloud in a Jar activity and for the oven bake clay!! Also to Allison's mom for sending clay too! Your support to our classroom is very appreciative! The kids have so much fun learning! Thank you!!

Math Block

Chapter 12: Number Patterns

Excel Lessons 83-86

February Math Centers

Valentine Math Games

This Week: Chapter 12

Click here for math games, review, and extra support for Chapter 10, 11, 12

Upcoming Math Tests: Study Guide

Chapter 12 Test (Thursday)

Vocabulary: skip count, add, more than, less than

Skills: Missing numbers, skip count by 2s, 5s, 10s.

Write numbers for 10 more or 10 less.

Identify even & odd numbers.

Problem solving questions.

Unit 4 Test (Wednesday, February 18th) Covers Chapter 10,11,12

Vocabulary: estimate, less than, more than

Skills: Write the tens and ones. Write the number

Write the number in different ways

Write the number that comes between two numbers.

Compare numbers with symbols <,>, =

Ordinal numbers

Skip count by 2s,5s,10s

Identify a set of objects as being even or odd.

Sample problem solving question:

Q: Kate glues 53 beads in rows. 1o beads fit in each row. How many rows does she glue?

A: 6

** The math homework and classwork pages that come home are the BEST study guides! Our tests are exactly the same format as the homework and classwork!

Social Studies

This week we will learn about Presidents and President's Day. We will read Lessons 3: George Washington and Lesson 5: Abraham Lincoln in Unit 5 of our textbook: Americans Long Ago. We will also read 2 National Geographic Kids books and have several activities. We will continue this unit after our break and will test on Friday, February 20th.

This Week's Featured Books


No lesson this week! We will focus on our Social Studies unit and will be busy Valentine Cupids this week!

Rain Cloud in a Cup!

Cloud Dough

AdaptedMind Math

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