2016 A New Beginning

Jan. 12, 2016


Three years ago I attended a conference that really changed my thinking. It was on Design Thinking at MIT. At school we talk a lot about planning, curriculum, assessment but rarely do we talk about design. The people steeped in Design Thinking bring you Apple products, Walt Disney World experiences, and every other successful product. Watch the video below with the idea of your teaching and our students as customers. It may change something you are doing. If you are interested more just Google it!

Collaboration and assessment

Below is a link to show you some examples of planning. The video last about 7 minutes but I think it is worth your time to listen to their language, their thinking, and work samples. It is best for 3 - 5th.


Index cards

Maira Kalman: All Great Ideas Start With An Empty Brain

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Monthly Math

Lynn Skinner's Math updates: Don't let this update go by - I know you probably received this in your inbox, but the inbox gets crazy.



Monthly for most of my life I have received National Geographic. Its a awesome magazine and I would encourage everyone to try it. This month there was an article dear to my heart about the effects of being outside. The link is below, just to warn you in true National Geographic experience a couple of naked bodies one in water and one covered in mud.


Discipline Committee sign up

Committee will meet every three weeks and review minor infraction reports, PBIS implementation, and other issues that arise. If you are interest form in link. Thanks



How much time do you spend learning? Education is at one of the biggest crossroads of it's history. Technology is in the process of changing education as we know it. You may feel overwhelmed but every industry in America is feeling pressure from technology. Just think of Netflix and Uber. Blockbuster and cab companies did not even see these companies coming. Netflix launched in 2000 and 15 years later DVD's are almost gone. Streaming of music has changed an industry. In the past trends in education came and went and then came back. If you do know about MOOC's and online learning it's huge. Check out the article below about a new type of school.

Georgia Legislative Time

Remember to pay attention to what our elected officials are voting on.


Stan McMichael