Gypsy Moth (Lymantria Dispar Dispar)

Reported by Sydney Bankos & Jose Blanco

Terrestrial Aminal Wanted for Destruction of Oak Trees

Originally from Asia and Europe the gypsy moth was accidentally introduced near Boston, Massachusetts in the late 1800's. These moths reproduced and migrated to just about everywhere in the country. Responsible for consumption of trees and deforestation for almost one and a half centuries, these creatures seem near impossible to get rid of.
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Male: brown and fly around in zigzag patterns

Female: white or cream colored and are flightless

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Pest Management

Something you can do at home:
  • keep your yard as clean as possible; remove discarded organic matter.

The bigger picture:

  • tools such as the gypsy moth trap and sticky tree bands (see below) are used to prevent gypsy moths from growing as a species.
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