Achievments of Ancient Mesopotamia

Created, distributed, presented and researched by TylerBuman

My pick for the top five achievements of Mesopotamia

The Ziggurats, Irrigation, Plumbing, Dice, and Surgical Procedures.

My Reasoning

My reasons for these five are because I believe they are the most important or helpful in today's world and back then.

My top three out of the top five.

The other two


I picked dice because they are entertaining. So they must have been for the Mesopotamians too, that's probably why they invented them. Dice were a way to pass the time, to gamble, to raise spirits after a hard day. They led to many many different games that have been made of the years. They were multiple sided dice, the most common type was the six sided and it was identical 3,000 years to what we have today except for the material their made of. Today, dice are in half the board games in the world. Yahtzee, Monopoly, Shoots and Ladders. They are all over the place and you use them often, if you play games.

Archtecture and the Ziggurats

I picked this one because it visibly influences us today. 3,000 years ago, when they built their temples, to make them tall, they built layer upon layer of consecutively smaller sheets of clay atop each other to make a tall, stable design. Also to convey importance, these buildings were placed in the very center of cities so that they could be seen best from any direction. It was also a constant reminder to the citizens of their gods and their power. Today, tall buildings are usually built in the same fashion, in the central, important part of a city, and gradually getting smaller floor by floor all the way to the top and or keeping the majority of the structures mass at the bottom so that they are stable. Even stadiums are built in an exact invert of this principle.