YL Essential Oil class!

Come for the smells!!

We are hosting an essential oil class in Bloomington, MN on Sunday April 13th from 2-3:30pm! treats, and giveaways!! Come learn about Young Living essential Oils and all their awesomeness!!!

YL Essential Oil class!

Sunday, April 13th, 2pm

Email CocoNutKatieKuhn@gmail.com for details and diections!

For more information, email CocoNutKatieKuhn@gmail.com

What are Young Living Essential Oils?

Grow longer eyelashes, lose weight, stop your seasonal allergies in their tracks all while using 100% pure natural oils!!! No more harsh chemicals in your body! Learn how to make a pain cream for headaches and growing pains! If you have any sort of ailment, there's an oil for that!

We are the cocoNuts and we are crazy for oils!

Website coming soon. For now find us on facebook (click below) and attend our class! Come learn, and be among the first to get in on this amazing new way of living!