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Our Shoppe Sells the Best Clothes Ever

We have great everyday clothes. We have the best designer outfits and they are cheep. You wont look great everyday untill you come here.

Our Amazing Outfits

Plus More...

You can order clothes here that will come in no time. While you are waiting, we have an amazing siting area with the latest magazines.


We have monthly sales and we have fun contestes. If you enjoy ou shoppe we will set you up with our club and give you money back depending on how often you come.

Come to Our Shoppe


Weekdays: 9am-7pm

Weekends: 10am-7pm

closed Sundays

For More Info...

Contact Kaitlin. She is one of the partners of the Kaitlin & Coryne Shoppe. She designs the clothes and is the cashier.

Also Contact...

You can also contact Coryne. She also a partner of the Shoppe. She helps people with geing exactly what they need.

If you Need More...

You can contact Brooke, who is the most important. She works as a secretary, making sure all the clothes are ordered.