Red Cross Organization

Blood Loss

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Red Cross Organization

  • Wants money to help support blood loss
  • Use the money to get blood more efficiency and faster.
  • Called Exsanguination
  • Is bleeding till death

Blood Loss Kills

  • 13,000 people each day
  • About 3% people total
  • Carries vitamins and air
  • Help train people to learn to take blood from donors

Important to Your Body

  • 2 Seconds someone dies
  • Car accidents= most common
  • Car accidents=100 pints
  • Donor= approximately 3 pints
  • Provide more safety courses


  • Approximately $1300 to stay
  • Transfusion approximately $2000
  • Total cost approximately $4100
  • Help support family in need

A serious cause for death, needs to be stopped


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