A Quick Healthy Snack

By: Louiza Tizi-ougdal

Food Network

The website I used is called Food Network. It is very user friendly and I would recommend it to a friend because of all the information it gives. My favorite part of this website is that under every picture, it gives you the recipe and the directions.This helps with anyone who loves what they see and wants to make it themselves. The only part of this website I don't particularly like is how there is unrelated ads along the sides. This website also doesn't require any personal information. My mother (or anyone who loves to cook) would love this website because it has great quick easy recipes for different meals of the day. If your having trouble thinking for a quick dinner, all you would have to do is go online and go on this website.

A Healthy Start

I found a great website which lets you look at great healthy snacks when your busy. I have found a specific recipe which I have decided to make a video for. This recipe is called The Mango Salsa Scoop. In this video, I didn't add how the salsa turned out, but I can guarantee that it tasted delicious!

The Benefit

The benefit for middle school students is that they can use this website to help them find good healthy recipes for their families. It gives then strength and energy and is also a great use for their health and fitness.