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April 5, 2019 Issue 28

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(Check out the upcoming events at Vienna-Finley)

April 8- Archery

April 9- Last Club 3:16 until 4:30pm

April 9- County Spelling Bee in SMS Great Room @ 7PM

April 10- Kindergarten Registration from 11:00-5:00PM

April 10- Archery

April 10- Track at 5:00PM at SHS

April 11- Kindergarten Registration from 2:00-7:00PM

April 12- Track at 5:00PM at SHS

April 15- Archery

April 17- Archery and Track practice

April 18- Class/Group Picture Day
April 19- Track at 5:00PM at SHS

May 17 @ 6:00 Grades 3-5 Music Concert

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Happy Birthday!

April 5

Brycen Copeland

April 9

Taylor Hackett

Case Howard

April 10

Lesa Nay

April 11

Alaina Lee

Science Night Was a HIT!

Congratulations Aidan Bowling!

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Aidan earned 400 Accelerated Reader points and the prize of being KING for a day! Aidan and his friends were treated to a royal lunch and treats. Congratulations King Aidan!

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Thank you to everyone who came and enjoyed the VFES Staff vs Students game today! A special thank you to Mrs. Sawin, Mrs. Siekman, Ms. Nay, Mrs. Banister, Mr. Mullins, our Tech Dept. and all of our contestants, the SHS team, coaches, players, and students today! #VFESRocks!

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Our AR DJ Dance Party was a HUGE success!

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Bus safety - students play an important role

Bus drivers are responsible for the safe operation of the school bus while also watching and responding to possible dangers on, and alongside, roadways. Bus-related injuries or deaths are most commonly caused by distracted adults approaching or passing a school bus. Although a bus driver cannot control the drivers of nearby vehicles, bus drivers are trained to pay close attention to nearby drivers and to drive defensively.

Students play an important role in safe operation of a school bus. Following bus rules (remain seated, low voices, keep hands to oneself, be respectful of others, avoid acting in ways which may distract the driver, etc) and always following the directions of a bus driver are necessary to ensure the bus is as safe as possible. Although the rules on a school bus are similar to the rules of a classroom or school cafeteria, when it comes to safety, the stakes are much higher on a school bus! Disruptive behavior on a school bus leads to bigger safety concerns than in any other setting.

Students who fail to follow bus rules will be referred to their school's administrator and will likely have consequences assigned. Consequences may include suspension of bus riding privileges. If bus riding privileges are suspended, the student's guardian will be responsible for transporting the student to and from school and the student's privileges will be reinstated only after attending school the specified number of days suspended from the bus. In other words, a day absent from school will not be counted as a day "served" for a bus suspension.

Students play an important role in the safe operation of each school bus but keeping students and the community safe is also a responsibility shared by all of us.

Any questions about school bus routes, bus rules, or the safe operation of each school bus can be directed to the administrator at your student's school or the district's Transportation Office, (812) 752-8921.

Our popcorn charity for the month of March is the Scott County YMCA.

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Our box tops competition will end on Friday, March 8th. The GRADE with the most turned in will get a free recess with popsicles! We'd like to remind everyone to keep sending them in and to be mindful of expiration dates on the box top. Also please put your child’s teacher's name on your baggie or container so we know which class to give credit to on our achievement board.

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New, Updated School Calendar for 2018-2019

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