My Story

hi i'm a medical sonographer

Hi people im a medical sonographer, most sonographer work in hospitals or doctors office. A sonographer uses high frequency sound waves in an imaging technique know as "ultrasonography" to create an acoustic window into human body, you have to attend college for 1 year for your Bachelor's Degree. I make 65,000 a year in about 5,416.67 a month good money huh ? lol . i have 2 kids my oldest is a boy in he 3 an my baby is a girl she's 1 yes im MARRIED my husband is in the army and he make about the same amount i make maybe more ... Being that i have a pretty big family i have to take out for grocery and thats about $860, my childcare is $550, Insurance $275, Housing $860, Transportation $576, How much i put into savings $500, Communications $70, Entertainment $185, Clothing $245, Charity $150. WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD :)