Texas Tech University


Arbor Day

When Texas Tech first opened up, almost all of the money went towards the buildings, meanwhile, the campus landscape seem to need it the most. Then everything changed in 1937. President Knapp decided to dedicate one day every spring to beautify the campus. On the first day of this annual tradition, 20,000 trees were planted. This tradition still goes on today as student and teachers plant trees and help the environment on Arbor Day.

Carol of Lights

During the holiday season Texas Tech holds an event called the Carol of Lights. The ceremony begins with the Texas Tech University Combined Choirs performing classic holiday songs at the Science Quadrangle. When the lighting ceremony begins, over 25,000 red, white, and orange lights light up the 13 buildings surrounding memorial circle. This tradition started in 1959 when Harold Hinn came up with the idea to cover the science quadrangle and the administration building with lights. The next year the Residence Hall Association created the Christmas Sing, which is now known as the Carol of Lights. Today, the Carol of Lights is one of Texas Tech's favorite traditions. On Dec. 3 Texas Tech University will host the 55th annual Carol of Lights celebration.

Guns Up

The "Guns Up" sign is a popular greeting of one Red Raider to another. It is also the sign of victory displayed by the crowd at every athletic event. The sign was made back in 1961 to L. Glenn Dippel, a former student of Texas Tech. He and his wife Roxie were living in Austin and saw the hand sign used by University of Texas fans the "Hook 'em Horns". So, the Dippels decided to make something similar. They looked at the mascot Raider Red and his raised guns for their inspiration and in 1971 the Guns Up hand symbol began. The Saddle Tramps and Texas Tech cheerleaders immediately adopted Guns Up and a new tradition began.