InDesign Magazine Cover Tutorial

You will learn how to make a magazine cover in InDesign

Assignment Overview

You will be using the link provided to learn the steps to creating a magazine cover in InDesign. Follow the steps described to create your own magazine cover.
Use this link:


Do you need images for your cover?
Use ONLY these type of image resources for your cover image, (NO Google or Pinterest image search!)

Things to Remember

  1. USE CARP Principles of Design!
  2. Use effective Typography Contrast
  3. Use appropriate colors, (check the color scheme designer to come up with cool themes.)

When You Are Finished

  1. Save your magazine cover as: "lastnamef_magazinecover.PDF" (yes, convert to PDF)
  2. Upload the completed PDF File in the corresponding Turn In Box in 3rd Six Weeks
  3. Continue to prepare for your tutorial presentation.