Cool Cat News

Principal Brief

May 9-13

Cool Cats,

I hope you all know how much we appreciate you, we had a fantastic week celebrating you. If we could give you something every day of the year, we would! When a student grows up, YOU are who they remember. A few days ago I was tagged on facebook in a 7th grade tennis picture- as I read the comments, the focus was on the tennis coach, Coach Halliday- the conversation even lead to many messages about how wonderful this coach was. He was a mentor who taught us not only tennis but life lessons as well. He had a relationship with each one of us, and we all remember how great he made us feel 30 years later. He retired after 40 years teaching tennis. The impact he had on thousands of students makes him a true hero. What we all remember and what your students will remember, is the relationship you have developed with them. Thanks for being "that teacher" to our Cool Cats- you are my heroes and it is an honor to work by your side.

STAAR Monday and Tuesday - Please give any posters to me for decorating the hall. We will cheer on our 3rd and 4th graders on Monday and Tuesday morning at 7:30am as they walk down the hall from the GYM. Please remind your parents that there will not be able to come through the office on STAAR days. Lunch will be provided in the GYM for all staff both days. We will also have tables set up for you in the GYM to eat as well. My office and Holly's office will be used for testing, please be quiet if you are needing to be in the office area. Please wear your Hope shirt on Monday and Where Will You go Shirt on Tuesday. If you have a special STAAR shirt you would like to wear that is fine.

Student Incentives - The end of the year can be a challenging time, behavior wise. We have partnered with Hawaiian Falls to help motivate our K-4 students. We have free tickets for students to Hawaiian Falls- please think of some expectations - either academic or behavior. I have 300 tickets (HF was very generous!) so brainstorm with your team on how you would like for your students to earn their ticket.

Parent Letters of Intent: We sent home letters with all K-3 students regarding the 2016-2017 school year. Please encourage parents to check if their student will be returning in the fall. We want to get the most accurate count we can, to prepare for 2016-2017.

The Wylie Way - It is now being called "Achievement Education" . This is the intentional process in schools that enable children to capitalize on their strengths and passions to establish and reach life goals that increase hope, well-being and connectedness.

Climate Survey - It has come back and Hartman is above the district average in all areas. Our parents and students recognize your greatness as much as I do! We will review the survey in August during our power week.

May 19th - Boxes and crates will arrive for teachers moving out of classrooms due to construction and movement to Bush.

Teacher Makeup Day - June 2 is a regular school day, June 3 is an early release day

June 4th- Demo starts! We all need to be out of the building by 8pm on June 3rd!

Upcoming Dates:

5/9 - G3/G4 STAAR testing (math), Lunch provided by Sanden

5/10 G3/G4 STAAR testing (reading) Lunch provided by the Rothermel's, 2nd grade Field Trip to the park

5/11 Breakfast with Mom 6:30-7:30am, Faculty meeting at 2:55 in the Cafeteria

5/12 Field Trip Training 3:35 in the library, PTA Board Meeting at 6pm

5/13 BFG Movie Party- teacher extended planning 8:30-10:00am. Students and staff may wear pj's or a Hartman shirt with a jeans pass. I have the list of jeans pass participants for Chase Oaks partnership. If you have an Education Foundation jeans pass, please turn it in to my box. You may wear jeans in May/June with a pass.