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Renaissance... After Benchmarking

Reading and Math (Science and Social Studies are coming soon!)

Reports: Instructional Planning, group students, print report for skills needed, choose three or four to work on for the next four to six weeks.

Dashboards: Choose your subject, then the Overview tab, Manage group, resources will come up to use in your groups. You can also type the standard you would like to cover within that group's range and many resources will pop up.

Renaissance also has many short videos that can assist you in using their tools to the fullest.

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Are We Motivating Students With the Data?

From "data chats" to "Data Fridays," teachers are involving their students in looking at data. Does your approach increase student motivation—or decrease it?

How do teachers commonly examine data with their students? And what does research tell us about how these practices are likely to affect student motivation?

Read about it HERE

CSI Goal #2, Obj.1,2,3

Writing to Think...

Have you had a chance to try any of the awesome creative writing ideas that were shared by the the Oklahoma Writing Project Professional Development Team during inservice? The following article answers so many questions: Does writing build vocabulary? Can you better teach Math and Science by teaching writing? How can writing help our bilingual students?

Writing to Think: If a Student Can't Write It, Can She Think It? What High Achieving Students Have In Common

Need more writing ideas?

78 Ideas to Write Across the Curriculum

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Way to Go Nance & Southwest!

Thank you for giving of your time and effort while developing Standards-based Report Cards! You are all Trail Blazers!

CSI Goal #1, Int. 1

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Gifted & Talented

In order to be considered “Gifted and Talented” for the purposes of placement, the state of Oklahoma defines it as follows:

“Students who score in the top three percent (3%) on any nationally standardized test of “intellectual ability” means a composite, total or full scale score in the 97th percentile or above are considered Category 1." Our district uses the Slosson Intelligence Test.

According to our local Gifted & Talented plan, any student that scores in the 90th to 96th percentile on the above test will be considered Category 2.

Students are tested for GT each Spring through a parent and/or teacher referral process. Any new student to our district, that was in GT at their previous district, should be considered for GT upon enrollment through a screening process by the GT coordinator.

**The GT committee recently met to discuss our district plan. We are meeting January 29, 2018 to discuss Category 2 students. If you have ideas, other than testing, to identify Category 2 students please share with a member of the GT committee: Adam Beauchamp, Tonya Gaunt, Stephanie Hime, Melissa Knabe, Patti Lindsey, Catey Moring, Vanessa Perez, JG Stratton.

CSI Goal #2, Obj.3

Are You a PLC Team or Are You a Group?
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Email a pic of your Academic Word Wall to me (Mrs. Hime), by Friday October 13th at 3:15pm, your name will go into a drawing for an awesome prize!!

Connect, Share, Learn, & Grow

Join elementary educators from across the great state of Oklahoma this Thursday night, October 5th at 7:30pm on Twitter for an hour of FREE Pd. Use the hashtag #okelem as we discuss Guided Reading & Math. Hope to "see" you there!

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