The House of the Scorpion

By: David Bayko Period 7

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Virgin of Guadalupe

First, I think Matt would bring the Virgin of Guadalupe figurine with him on vacation. Although it actually belonged to Celia, I think she would give it to him because it meant a lot to Matt. Celia was like a mother to Matt. Every night since he was a little boy she would light a holy candle in front of the Virgin of Guadalupe and pray for him. It gave Matt a sense of stability and protection as he was growing up and going through a lot of dangers in his life. For example, when he was in prison, he believed the Virgin of Guadalupe was watching and protecting him from Rosa, who wanted to kill Matt. In the text it says, “It occurred to Matt that this dove had come from the Virgin and the feather meant She would watch over him here as She had done in the little house.” I think it was important to Matt and of big value because of its religious value. Also, it was a part of his relationship with Celia.

The Note From Tam Lin

Second, I think Matt would take with him on vacation the note that his guardian, Tam Lin left in the chest with supplies. The note stated: “Deer Matt, it said. Im a lousy writer so this wont be long. El Patron says I have to go with him. I cant do anything about it. I put supplise in this chest plus books. Yu never know when yu mite need things. Yor frend Tam Lin.” When Matt saw supplies and the note Tam Lin left for him, he was shocked and thrilled at the same time because he realized someone, besides Celia, actually cared for him, and considered him a friend. Since Matt was a clone who was not even considered a human by a lot of people around him, and constantly was straggling with his identity, it meant a lot for him to know that he could count on his guardian. So this note was a very meaningful, physical evidence of his guardian’s support and great reminder of his friendship with Matt.


Third, I think Matt would bring a piano on his vacation. Matt loved playing music, and he was really talented at it while El Patron didn't have any musical talents. This made him feel like he was a person with his own identity, not just a complete El Patron’s clone. In his life Matt was being ignored because he was a clone, and everyone made him feel like he was a monster of some sort. Even people like Celia and Tam Lin thought he was going to be exactly like El Patron. However, because of his musical talent, he felt like he was different from El Parton, not his exact copy. In the book it says, “The ability to create music filled him with a joy too large to contain. He forgot where he was. He forgot he was a clone. The music made up for everything – the silent contempt of the servants, Steven's and Emilia's snubs, Tom's hatred." Music was very important to Matt, because it made him distinct from El Patron, and was a proof that he was an individual, and destiny was in his hands, not El Patron’s.

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