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January 18, 2019

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Monday, January 21, 2019 Martin Luther King Jr day - no school

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Ms. Piper and her 3rd graders made the most of a rainy day recess!


Mrs. Lemnah taught Mrs. Maez’s first graders to use watercolor pencils!

Pink eye - wash hands often

Dear Parents:

We have reported cases of pink eye in our school. Pink eye can be caused by viruses or bacteria. They are both very contagious. See the link for information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding the prevention of spreading pink eye.


If you think your student has pink eye, seek medical attention and keep the student home until symptoms begin to subside. See CDC Symptoms of Pink Eye.


Wash hands often.

Thank you

Nurse Debi and Nurse Lauren

cold and flu season - click on the link below for more information

A message from our District Nurse

Should I send my child to school today?

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Family Science Night

Thursday, Feb. 7th, 5:30pm

175 North Mill Creek Road

Quincy, CA

Year books on sale now!

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Words Matter

As we begin the new year, let's reflect on the power of our words to create the environment in which we live. Unkind, hurtful words create stress and make our school an unsafe place. Learning cannot happen in such a place.

Kind, helpful words build a place where learning can happen! Bring your kind words with you to school.

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Student safety - gates

We have started locking our gates at 8:20 AM as a part of our normal safety protocols. Parents and visitors are asked to enter the Pioneer Campus through the main entrance. Please sign in at the front desk and get a visitors pass. Gates will be unlocked before school is out.

Chronic Absenteeism -Missing 2 days per month can add up!

QES, along with PUSD, wish for our students to be active and engaged learners. In order to promote the highest achievement possible for our students, we are addressing Chronic Absenteeism- students who are absent from school 10% or more days for any reason. Students who miss 10% of total school days are missing 18 days per year!

According to Edsource:

Chronic absenteeism can have adverse consequences for a child as early as kindergarten. Students with high rates of absenteeism are less likely to be able to read by the end of the 3rd grade, are more likely to drop out in high school and show less persistence in college.

While attendance is important, it is equally important for students to stay home when ill in order to get well and to avoid spreading illness to others. Our school nurses have prepared a letter to help with making the decision to keep your student home or send them to school.

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ACES -Adverse Childhood Experiences

We believe childhood to be a time of worry-free joy, but that is not the case for a surprising number of children. Experiences such as divorce, bullying, witnessing a parent being abused, or living with a mentally ill or drug-addicted parent combine to have immediate and long-term affects on learning and memory. Symptoms of adverse events, especially those events which occur repeatedly, can mimic the symptoms of ADHD and learning disorders.

Medical research has shown that chronic stress during childhood can have lasting effects on health, leading to disorders such as depression and heart disease.

We can help our children and families who are living with chronic stress, but the first step is understanding the connections between the events in a child’s life, and his or her learning and health. Little changes, outlined in the flyer linked below, can go a long way to support a child with adverse experiences.

Quincy Star Follies! 4th Grade - 12th Grades

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Winter Weather - Please make sure your child dresses appropriately

One of many things I love about Quincy Elementary School is this phrase about our students being "tough mountain kids." This philosophy fits perfectly with my prior experiences - we want to help support raising resilient students who can withstand a little weather. Throughout these next few months, we are going to have days at school where we have rain and snow. In most instances, we will be sending students outside for a break to play and get some fresh air. Therefore, it's important that we all pay attention to the weather and dress appropriately - water resistant jackets or coats, water-resistant boots, warm pants, gloves, etc. We appreciate your understanding. Please let me know if you have questions, concerns, special circumstances, or considerations.

Income verification

We need your support in order to bring funding to our students. Funding opportunities include such possibilities as free school meals for all students, and an after school program. If you turned in the income verification form at the beginning of the year there is no need to do so again. If you did not, please log on to the parent portal, and follow these directions to include your income information. It’s simple and can have a real impact on opportunities for our students.
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Do you have photos for our yearbook?

Drop photos of this year's events in the appropriate folder, so that we have them for our yearbook in the spring

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