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March 27, 2020

For Food Services Meal Distribution CLICK HERE

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Remember to be good citizens

The slide show and video below will help you to remember to:

1. Wash your hands frequently (sing ABC song twice)

2. Stay Home and do not visit friends!!!

3. Keep 6 ft. (the length of most dads) between you and other people

4. Follow the rules of your classroom for Chromebooks and take good care of your device

5. Use kind words

6. Watch your digital footprint

7. Don't believe everything you see or read on the internet. And when in doubt -don't pass it on!

Quincy Cougars are Good Citizens

When should you leave your residence? See the guidelines below from PCPHA

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Distance Learning has Begun!!!

Chromebooks were distributed, meals are being picked up and delivered, and Mrs. Whitaker's class and other classes at QES met on Zoom this week. It was great to see everyone again!

Mrs. Whitakers Kindergarten Zooming!

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Mrs. Sipe/Mrs. Abramson's Zoom Class!

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Nikko Senter in Mrs. Blesse's 1st grade Zoom Class!

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Online Learning Resources: #Ownyourlearning

Change and opportunity go hand in hand. During this time when learning is less structured, students have the opportunity to learn about things that interest them and produce writing, podcasts, and other work that makes them feel proud about what they are doing. Own your learning, Cougars! Do great things!!!

Teachers are providing lessons. It is important for students to engage in the work provided in addition to attending the Zoom meetings in order to learn the material. Mastery is built by doing, not just watching a master!

To extend your learning and pursue your interests, click the link below to see the QES webpage for student resources.

Online Student Resources

Check out these cool resources on the QES website

It's important for learning that YOU do the work.

Not just watch your teacher do it.

If I watched Steph Curry dribble a basketball in a video, would that be enough for me to know how to dribble like he does?

--Mrs. Hollister

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Virtual Talent Show Coming

Your QES Student Council has been busy planning a talent show for you. More information is coming, but start thinking now about what talent you might share: singing, dancing, joke-telling, magic, a science demonstration, reading a poem you wrote, demonstrating something you learned during our distance learning time. All grades Preschool-6th are invited to participate.

To enter the talent show, you will submit a video no more than 5 minutes long. We may edit the video for length. All who choose to participate should note the following dates:

4/10 Audition video due to the google folder for review by Mrs. Hollister and Student Council, who will provide feedback and suggest edits.

4/17 Final, revised video due back to google folder

4/27 Student Council will post the edited "mash up" video on the QES FaceBook page and on our weekly newletter.

Upload videos to the google folder here Stay tuned for instructions on how to post to a google folder if you need help

Greetings Students and Families

School Site Closures:

Plumas Unified School sites will remain closed with access to the public by appointment only. Strict adherence to physical/social distancing, hand washing, covering coughs and sneeze protocols as set forth by our local and national leaders are in place. Thank you for helping to keep our community healthy.

Reaching out to families:

Our teachers have been reaching out to their students and families to check in many different ways. They are excited and eager to roll-out some distance learning and provide supplemental enrichment packages for those who request. Below you will find some information happening tomorrow on Monday and Tuesday including Meal distribution, Chromebook distribution and supplemental/enrichment learning packages to name a few.


Let's all remember that everyone in our community is doing the best we can during this global pandemic we are in. On behalf of the staff, we thank all of you for this. Let’s also remember that everything will not be the same as we knew it; we need to be okay with this as hard as it is to wrap our heads around. Everything will not happen the way we think it should, or instantly, or as quickly as many of us would like. Thoughtful consideration of processes, communication, logistics, and priority of operations all must be considered while navigating this process; this takes time.

During this time of change we can look for opportunities to be grateful. There are a variety of ways to shift our perspectives on what is happening - Stress over having to learn a new way of living could be seen as an opportunity to learn and grow and gain confidence in our abilities to adapt. Time that we once spent running from place to place can now be spent having meaningful conversations with the ones we love.

All of us using our Toolbox tools of taking deep breaths, and even using that garbage can tool will help demonstrate to others our patience, kindness, forgiveness, and love in our hearts that we have for one another. This is how we will help each other and our community to get through this. Stay healthy and safe everyone.

Melissa Groh and Lara Hollister

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Jostens Renaissance--Rooted in Love Video

Take a look at the below message and video link from Jostens Renaissance

During this difficult, confusing, and frightening time, Mike Smith, the host of The Harbor by Jostens, takes to the crate to acknowledge the challenges we are all facing during the COVID-19 pandemic and related restrictions. Mike issues a call to action for all of us, in this unprecedented time, to find ways to build community, take care of one another and stay rooted in love. The Jostens family wishes you all peace, wellness, and safety in the days to come.

March is designated National Women's History Month!

Highlighting the many important -- and overlooked -- contributions women have made in advancing our society and world. Hats off to the moms, sisters, and daughters all over the world making change, every day.


All sales of yearbooks will be done online this year. We will not have any available in the office to sell. Order yours by April 25th. This company also offers you to add 2 custom pages for free! This means you can add your own pictures to your student's yearbook. How amazing is that?
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A lot of parents have not updated their parent portal information and sign the annual consent forms. Please do so. Thank you

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Parents and guardians, it's a good time to make sure we have your student's complete data in our student information system. Accurate, current information helps us better serve you and your student.

1. Please login to the Parent Portal here: https://plumasusd.asp.aeries.net/student/LoginParent.aspx?page=default.aspx

2. If you see a yellow banner across the top of the page, this means your student's data is not complete. Please click on the link to get to the data section.

Please contact your school site with questions about logging in and completing the information.

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Please complete our survey to communicate your interest in the QUEST afterschool program

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Contacting us......

QES is one school but on two different campuses.

QES Alder Street Campus

(530) 283-6557 extension 5401
246 Alder Street, Quincy Ca

QES Pioneer Campus

(530) 283-6550 extension 5326

175 N. Mill Creek Road, Quincy, CA

In case you missed our school supply list:

1. Click the banner

2. Click "Find a list"

3. Enter zip code

4. Select Pioneer-Quincy Elementary School and look for your child's grade