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Community Conversation and Dinner Dec. 5th 5:30-7:30 Cafeteria

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November 13, 2017 AISD Board Work Session

Mendez Plan Discussed at 11/13/2017 Board Work Session

The portion of the video that involves the discussion of next year's program for Mendez Middle School occurs from the time 2:28 to 3:47.
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New programming for Mendez MS was discussed at the 11/13/17 Board work session.

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The Steering Committee continues to work with Mendez MS community on programming for next year. At the November 8th meeting, the committee learned about SB 1882 that was passed in the 85th Legislative session. This bill allows schools who are in year four of Improvement Required status to partner with an outside entity, such as a University, to form a partnership in the management and organization of the school. To learn more about SB 1882 and the proposal for next school year, view the PowerPoint from Meeting #4 of the Steering Committee. Also included in the PowerPoint is the survey data from the first survey that went out when the Steering Committee was operating under the premise that Mendez MS would become a magnet school in 2018-2019. Additionally, there is information on the two schools visited by Steering Committee members on October 19th in Dallas ISD.


At the October 3rd meeting, the Steering Committee gave input on a theme for the new program at Mendez proposed for next school year . At the first meeting we learned about the importance of STEM education and began to plan for bringing a magnet school to the Mendez campus. At the 2nd meeting, the committee looked at Magnet Schools of Excellence, both nationally and locally. The work groups created a matrix of key elements and program features they liked about the various schools we researched. At the third meeting, the committee heard from Mr. Mann, Orchestra teacher, on the importance of including the arts in the magnet program. Members worked individually to synthesize all of the elements they thought should be included in the Mendez Magnet. Then, it was time for voting and the group voted to add the A to STEM- making it STEAM. This means that arts will be included in the STEM subjects in an interdisciplinary way. Next stop - we're off to Dallas to visit two schools similar in demographics to Mendez. Both campuses have students who have done very well and the committee hopes to learn about the systems, processes and procedures that have led to this success and gain insight that will inform our program at Mendez.

Dr. Garcia Gives Report Tuesday October 17

Dr. Garcia met with the staff of Mendez MS in an open meeting to discuss next year's proposal for programming at Mendez. He explained that the campus does not have to do a magnet school according to information he learned at a recent meeting with the Texas Education Agency and school leadership.

The Steering Committee continues to work on programming what next year will look like and obtaining community feedback for the changes needed at Mendez.

Members of the Steering Committee traveled to Dallas ISD on Thursday 10/19 and toured two campuses with demographic data similar to our community.

Field Trip to Dallas ISD to Visit Two Schools - Thursday October 19, 2017


Key Features:

This school is not a magnet but instead is called a Transformation and Innovation Campus. The campus was closed for four years and re-opened three years ago as a STEAM school open to any student. Students come from all over Dallas (transportation provided) and enter the school through a lottery process. They have a waiting list of 400 students.

A school wide theme of college prep using AVID ties to Social Studies topics by grade level

  • 6th grade - each advisory class is assigned to an Ivy League university
  • 7th grade Texas History - advisory classes are assigned to Texas Universities, such as The University of Texas and Texas Christian University
  • 8th grade U.S. History- advisory classes are tied to U.S. Universities, such as Notre Dame and Princeton

Students start the day in the expansive Theater where counselors teach SEL lessons, students participate in culture-building activities and sit by their university.

All students take Robotics, Project Lead the Way, Dance and Karate in a wheel with options for Choir and Art. Students have 3 electives.

All students are enrolled in the PreAP section of the core academic courses (Math, ELAR, Science, and Social Studies). Students take advanced math that leads to Algebra in the 8th grade.

Courses are 90 minutes long and teachers are active in the planning for Problem-Based Learning and participate in the analysis of student performance data in their Professional Learning Community (PLC) Meetings.

Teachers and coaches follow the Dallas Yearly Planning Guide for the Texas Curriculum, but no textbooks and worksheets are used. Teachers have autonomy on how to teach the curriculum and receive professional development for how to unpack standards and ensure students have deep understanding of course content.

Student work covers the walls and arts are integrated into the content.

The school is being remodeled on a phase-in plan to bring 21st century learning environments to students.

Dallas Environmental Science Academy

Dallas Environmental Science Academy

Key Elements:

This campus is a true magnet campus that is only open to top-performing students in the Dallas area.

About 400 students attend DESA at all three grade levels

Students take rigorous science courses that lead to high school science Physics and Chemistry in the 8th grade

Students attend classes on an A Day/B Day block schedule, attending grade level science on A Day and Environmental Science on B Day

25 students attending DESA live near the school, but it is not a neighborhood school and all students must meet rigorous requirements to attend. The magnet was just moved into a former elementary school campus.

Citizen's Communication Begins at 5:05 p.m.

Community members, and others who are not on the Magnet Steering Committee, may make comments at the beginning of the meeting. Comments are limited to two minutes. The Steering Committee will listen to the comments but will not engage in discussion with the person commenting.
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A Magnet School Will Attract Dove Springs Students to CMMS

Over the years we have seen a drastic reduction in students who live in the Consuelo Mendez MS attendance area attending the campus. As a result, our campus is under-enrolled. New programming has been added and a Magnet Steering Committee has been formed to help us envision what we want the school to offer in 2018-2019. The kick-off meeting occurred September 19, 2017 in the school cafeteria.
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Consuelo Mendez Middle School is a Community School

A Community School works within a framework to include important voices from all sectors when planning for school improvement. This means that programs are built from the ground up using grassroots planning and organizing strategies. The Community School Model is supported by research as being an effective way to ensure that the voices of key stakeholders, specifically the residents of the Dove Springs Community, are at the table when we Imagine Mendez and plan for implementing a STEM Magnet School in 2018-2019.

Who's On the Magnet Steering Committee?

The Steering Committee is comprised of parents, teachers, administrators, business, university, and non-profit partners and community members - many who are experts in the STEM fields, and who have experience with Magnet School education. Representation from the Dove Springs Community was a critical component considered in putting the committee together.

On September 14th, Dr, Paul Cruz, AISD Superintendent, and Dr. Rey Garcia, Executive Director of Middle Schools, addressed the Mendez MS Campus Advisory Council to discuss the STEM Magnet and gather input. Feedback was gathered and several stakeholders were added to the Steering Committee.

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The Steering Committee is Envisioning Our School

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