Alexander The Great

Why was he great?

His Early Life

Alexander The Great was a Great King that is known for what he did and how he did it. Alexander wasn't from Greek, but he loved Greek culture and wanted to learn more about Greece. His father tought him all he needed to know about Greece. Later on in his life, there was an untamed horse that he wanted to tame and be his pet. So unlike anyone else, he stepped up to the challenge and tamed the hoarse to make it his, and went away with the horse, riding it. From that day on, that's when he started to be a great leader. After his father died, he became king.
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Alexander The Great's Reign.

Alexander The Great loved culture so much, he spreaded the culture through the places he conquered: Some of Africa, Russia, Greece, Macedonia. If he didn't spread the culture, there wouldn't be a whole lot of enduring impacts on the Western Society, which is the US, Europe, and Canada. Some people ruled some of the lands that Alexander the Great conquered, but Alexander told them, "As long as you respect me, you can rule the lands". The Great has the biuggest rule over lands in history and still is today. He reminds us today about Greece and a great example of cutural diffution.
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