This P&P is exciting [Please do not copy or publish]


We continue to give thanks:

  • Ongoing faithful financial provision that enables the Indo end [Office/Communication/Travel/Workshops] to function.
  • The grace that God has afforded to Lidya and Audris.
  • The way Gledya has stepped into the support role.
  • The input that each of the SDC's have been putting into their cities.
  • The oversight role Lidya has been exercising.

So we pray this month for:

  • Gledya, as she sets up the coach/mentor meetings throughout July for when I am in-country.
  • Lidya, as she works behind the scenes to facilitate each SDC to do its primary task to Recruit > Train > Select > Send > Member-care TM persons from their city to the UnReached regions.
  • Lidya, as the website is launched so as to provide effective communication within the movements network.

FFF AUCK [Please do not copy or publish]

Let's give thanks [some words from a recent internal FFF communication]

1. Last Sunday Saeed(3 yrs, Omar's son) cried loud after FFF service, why?

  • because he missed Arash(2 yrs, Bahram's son),,,he didn't want Arash to go home...[This is real community]

2. Last Sunday we had 50 people gathered at FFF Sunday fellowship with 20 Neighbours! Muslim persons]

  • Saba and Islam made a beautiful speech and prayer for mother.
  • We prayed for Islam's mother still in a city being bombed in Syria.

3. We have had 20 Neighbours, including 3 families with 5 kids, brought by Reza in the last 3 months. [Neighbors > MBB persons reaching Neighbors]

4. We have started a Children's ministry by Dorothy's leadership with 2 helpers(Korean young adults) now with 8 kids.

5. God has sent mature followers of Jesus (Steve & Emma's family, Bus & Rebecca, and Lilly and Judith...) who have the heart and desire to love our Neighbours...hence providing the infrastructure of the people we need, hence we have grown [doubled].

6. The Leadership team meets weekly.

7. The Core leaders [Elders & Deacons] meet monthly.

8. The Gp meets monthly to pray. on !!

We are celebrating what God has done through us this year so far!

So what can we pray ?

  • We are holding a special meeting of all the committed believers in the group to broaden our base. 1 believer >< 5 Neighbours to meet with on a weekly basis.
  • That our weekly gathering will continue to be used by the HS to draw each Neighbour to HIMSELF so they understand the real meaning and place of Isa [Jesus Christ].
  • The planning for the special meetings/prayer and feast throughout and at the end of Ramadan will have God's anointing.

On the home front


  • KICS continues to thrive and provide real enjoyment, conversations and income.
  • Teaching is working out well.
  • Health is great.
  • Numerous conversations, coffee, and friendships continues to open conversation doors.
  • Planning this year's input to Indo, time in NZ and 3 wks in PAK providing consultancy input within the ISV networks.


  • Starts half-time work at a local HS.
  • Spends time with the grandchildren.

Together at the end of the month, we are hosting 5 newly arrived Neighbour Couples to a Kiwi Roast and Pav evening.

Pray for us as we share love, friendship and the meaning of following Isa.

Bruce Knox

I am honoured to be walking with you, knowing the impact of your support in prayer and kind.

It is this stuff that enables what I have spoken about above to happen, to be real.

Terima Kasih