The national mall

The nations front lawn

The nations front lawn

The national mall was envisioned by Charles I'enfant. The mall has a lot of history, tourist attractions, and memorials. It's right in front of the Capitol giving it the name the nations front lawn. But must most importantly it is a symbol to the United States of America.

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National mall

Why would the national mall be called the nations front lawn. It might be because it right in front of the White House. It could be because it is home to some of the nations most important memorials. It all depends on someone's point of view. But because of this it has many historical monuments and memorials.

Martin Luther king juniors "I have a dream" speech one historical thing to remember. Although speeches are not the only historical thing. Charles A. Platt designed The Freer Gallery of Art. Or that the depart mention of agriculture was built in 1905. The history can bring in many tourist making this place a tourist atraction.

If someone would like to go then they would have to find it first and it is located In Washington, D.C. If someone were to visit they might want to see the Washington monument that reaches about 555 feet into the sky. Taking a jog might also be their goal. Charles A. Platt designed The Freer Gallery of Art. But the meuseums monuments can also atract people as we'll.

There are many monuments in the mall. They are all decorated very well. Some monuments honor the people lost in a war like the WWII monument at the end of the reflection pool. There are also museums in a Quadrangle format. This place is home to some of the nations. Most historical stuff. There is a purpose to all these memorials.

The memorials aren't just built for you to look at. They represent death,war, and honor. The Vietnam memorial is to represent those who died in the Vietnam war. The Washington monument honors our first president. And all the war monument represent the wars we have fought and won. There is a lot that happens in the national mall.

Charles I'enfant Dream about the mall did come true. The national mall has important history. It is still being constructed today. The national mall also represents our country as the nations front lawn. All these things make it a hot spot for tourist. It is a very important place for America today.

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