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it's my off-mailer month, so hitting y'all up electronically

Happy (Almost) April!

This year I'm sending the WOTM Flyer of the month every other month, along with the current SOTM sticker and last month's sticker. It will help me save on postage, which will come in handy because I've been pushing to grown my client base so much. The month's that I do not send out my client mailer, I'll be Emailing you a Newsletter of (hopefully) fun and useful stuff.

I figured that I'd use Smore to communicate with y'all. I'm not at the point where I hit my 10,000 Email per month limit yet, so might as well take advantage of how pretty I can make Team Newsletters! ;)

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Bring Back My Bar - Red Carpet Rollout

Vote April 1-7, BBMB rollout is JUNE this year

(taken from the NewsTab)

It’s time to give the people what they want! Bring Back My Bar is back, Scentsy fans — and this season it’s better than ever.

Here’s the scoop: You have just one week, April 1-7, 2015, to vote for your favorite retired fragrances on your Personal Website (PWS) for Bring Back My Bar: Red Carpet Rollout. We shortened the voting period in response to your feedback, plus it means we get to make the 20 winning bars available for purchase sooner!

The winning bars will go on sale June 1, for one month only, instead of our traditional July sales month. We closed the gap between voting and sales to help keep excitement high — which means more purchases! We’ll provide you with a promotional flier for the 20 Bring Back fragrances in the Resources tab of your Workstation to share with your customers.

We’ll promote Bring Back My Bar voting in the April 1 edition of our Making Perfect Scents e-newsletter, with a link to vote on your PWS. We’ll also post a reminder to the News tab so you don’t miss your chance.

Have you considered doing an Open House?

I am in love with holding Open Houses. I'm currently on day 2 of my Open House weekend as I'm working on my draft for this Newsletter. I've done a little over $100 per Open House day. I'm hoping that that number will increase a bit today, because I found a Facebook Group that is ONLY people in my little bedroom community. Evidently on Friday morning they were asking about Scentsy Consultants and then one of them happened to find me on Friday. I know have 6 people hitting me up through Facebook asking me questions and for directions to the house and whatnot.

I've always offered personalize bring-Scentsy-to-you service. There are always those people that are a little hesitant, so my back up offer is to meet them at a local Coffee Shop or Juice Bar (and even out of my trunk at the parking lot of the local grocery store). I started doing Open Houses the weekend before Thanksgiving weekend last year and think that I am going to keep it up.

An Open House is kind of the best of both worlds - personalized service and all of your goods can be laid out like a Show. AND you're at home so you can DO things at home while you wait for customers - I designed this ENewsletter, put stickers on my catalogs and sales tickets, wrote some Thank You notes.... all while my Open House shop was "open"! (although you will want to stay in the main area to make sure you hear people - I swear they sneak in when you step away for even one second, then they scare the beejeezies out of you when you walk back in!).

Mother's Day is coming up, perhaps you'd like to give it a try one of the weekends before Mother's Day!? (my next one is the weekend before Mother's Day)

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