Weekly Newsletter

End of the Year!

Dear Parents,

We are just one week away from ending the year and all types of emotions are flourishing in our students. From feeling confused from the change to PK 4, to happy and excited about the upcoming vacations. It is best to guide your child in understanding those emotions by talking to them. You can always use pictures, videos, books to explain to your kids how to handle this type of feelings effectively.

Our Conscious Discipline Program has been a huge help this past year with managing our student's behaviors. We will continue utilizing it through out the years to come, so giving continuity at home will allow our student to best understand how to handle themselves in tough situations. If you wish to have more information or resources please let me know and I would gladly send them to you.

Always remember that this time of year routines might change causing some discomfort in your child, so here are some important tips of what to do:

  1. Make sure you child goes to bed early.
  2. Give your child the proper foods so they have the energy during the day.
  3. Remind them to breath (STAR, Balloon) when they feel angry, frustrated, or even angry.
  4. Give them at least 10 minutes of attention a day where you do a special activity that they would like to do such as painting, or going out for an ice cream.
  5. Always have a positive attitude!

Morning Routines

Chasing the ABC

To keep on practicing the ABC, each child received a letter before entering the class. As they came in, they sounded the letter our and then they had to look for words around the classroom that started with the letter. Look at what they found.

What Number is this!?

Each student had a number written in their hands so we played a game were we had to look for the people who had the same number. We continued the game by grouping numbers to make up a certain amount.

Choice Time

"The world is but a canvas to the imagination" -Henry David Thoreau

Our creative juices were flowing this week. In each area we allowed children to use different types of materials to create what they have learned through out the year.

La Estrella y el Ogro

On Thursday in the afternoon we had the priviledge to see a Storyteller in the Performance Art Center. We heard the story "La Estrella y el Ogro".


  • Today is the last day for the Full Day Program. Next week all students will leave at 12:00 pm (they normally leave at 11:30 but Middle School will also be leaving early so we have to wait for them).
  • The last day of school is June 18th at 12:00 pm. Parents are welcomed to come pick up your child that day. If you wish to come, let me know so I can notify the administration that they are leaving by car.
  • On Tuesday June 16th we will have our Sports Day so make sure to send your child wearing their PE uniform. They must bring sunscreen, a cap, and a water bottle.