Vera Wang

By Anna Fellman

Personal Characteristics

1. Persistent

After being cut from the U.S. Olympic figure skating team, she decided to go back to fashion. By working hard, she became one of the most famous billionaire designers/entrepreneurs.

2. Classy

When Vera Wang decided to create her own business and quit working at Vogue, she was able to create modern styles that celebrities like Michelle Obama, Sofia Vergara, and Avril Lavigne. She created wedding dresses with designs and colors that were both modern and classic.

3. Modern

Vera uses the most cutting edge colors, designs, and styles to create her collections. It is fashionable and successful, which helps her expand her business more.

Why Vera Was Successful

I think that Vera Wang was successful because of how persistent she was and how she didn't give up completely when she was rejected from the Olympic team. Instead of going down, she created a new idea and was able to make money off of it. Vera turned a failure into a new opportunity by finding another passion in designing.

Why I think Vera was Successful

Even though she was not able to succeed in her childhood passion, she got back up on her feet and started something new and somewhat foreign. She didn't completely give up and she explored something new. Vera could have easily become unsuccessful if she didn't stay persistent and work towards a new dream.
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