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What are Young Living Essential Oils

An essential oil is that aromatic, volatile liquid within many shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds, and that is usually extracted through steam distillation. The essential oil is the life blood of the plant and acts in the same way that our blood acts in our bodies - it delivers nutrients to the plant. Essential oils are highly concentrated and more potent than dried herbs. Essential oils can support EVERY body system, promoting greater overall wellness for the physical body. Additionally, essential oils provide unique fragrances that can balance moods, lift the spirits, and bring more joy to our lives

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Historically, essential oils are the oldest known form of medicine – dating back to 4500 BC. Essential oils are mentioned over 180 times in the Bible (James 5:14, Mark 6:13, and Psalm 23:5 are some of my favorite oily Bible verses).

Why Should I Be Using Essential Oils?

Essential oils support the body’s natural defenses and promote overall health, vitality, and longevity. They are immune-enhancing, mood-elevating, high in antioxidants, aromatic, and oxygenating. They support the immune, circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, digestive, nervous, and other body systems. They aid in maintaining normal cellular regeneration. They boost stamina and energy. They support the body’s natural defenses. They help you relax, manage stress and frustration, and reduce the appearance of aging. They improve mental clarity.
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Who is Young Living?

There are a LOT of essential oil companies out there. This online class focuses on Young Living (YL) essential oils. By the end of this online class, you will know why YL essential oils are unlike ANY other essential oils in the world. This slide shares a little bit of Young Living's history. We have been a company for 25 years. We are the world's leader in essential oils with the largest amount of single oils and proprietary blends.
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Why should you choose young living?

Seed to Seal
This is WHY I chose Young Living. Young Living's Seed to Seal process is the back-bone of the company. Seed to Seal is what sets Young Living at the top of the industry for being the leading essential oil company! This is what D. Gary Young's mission has been since he founded Young Living!

Why do we use ONLY Young Living Essential Oils? It's simple, we know where they come from. Young Living owns its own farmland, and we grow our own plants. We do NOT outsource to third parties. Gary Young will take an oil off the market for a year if we are waiting for a harvest rather than outsource and get his plants elsewhere. He will not compromise our oils.

SEED- Powerful, effective essential oils come from seeds and plants that are verified for their potential to produce high-quality essential oils.

CULTIVATE- Young Living farms, located around the globe, are dedicated to perfecting our responsible and sustainable growing and harvesting methods. Soil preparation, balance of sun and water, and responsible weed and pest control ensure our stringent standards are met.
DISTILL- Young Living’s proprietary low-temperature, low-pressure steam distillation process assures that the beneficial plant compounds in every batch of oil remain uncompromised during the extraction process.
TEST-The essential oils are then rigorously tested for purity & quality. These tests can quickly determine if the oils have been subjected to dilution, cutting, or adulterated processes. Oils that exhibit even the slightest hint of possible adulteration or tampering are rejected. Also, these tests confirm that the optimal level of beneficial constituents is present in each batch. Any oils that do not meet established levels are discarded. Young Living only seals and ships oils that meet both purity and potency standards. Young Living uses its own internal labs, in addition to third-party audits, to verify that Young Living purity and potency standards are met.
SEAL- Young Living completes the process by carefully sealing and labeling each bottle of essential oil and shipping to our members worldwide.

How do I use Essential oils?

Frequently asked questions

Is there a monthly order minimum if I sign up as a Wholesale Member?

No! Feel free to just order what you need when you need it (at that fabulous 24% discount). To maintain your 24% discount going forward, you only need to spend $50 each subsequent year on any Young Living products.

I don’t really want to sell anything. Do I have to sell Young Living products in order to be a Wholesale Member?

No! There is zero obligation and no requirement to have a business. But if you decide to jump in, you absolutely can. I’d love to provide you with business support and education to get your business off the ground.

What If I end up wanting to share Young living with other's will I be able to?

Yes of course! When we first started using the oils, we never thought that we would end up loving the results and sharing it with others. As time went by and we saw more and more benefits, we just started sharing the oils and other products young living has to offer with our friends and family and by Gods perfect plan this became my Job. You can share as little or as much as you would like! I will be here to guide you and educate you along the way

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If none of these kits look good to you, we can customize your starter kit as well!
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What is Ningxia Red

Not an oil, but an incredible supplement. In our Young Living Premium Starter Kit there are two samples packets of Ningxia Red. Basically, NR is my "coffee." It is a HUGE antioxidant and immune system booster. It oxygenates the blood cells. When our blood cells are oxygenated they know how to rid our body of toxins and keep us at or above the wellness line of health! Ningxia Red contains Ningxia Wolfberry puree (big antioxidant) as well as Yuzu (Citrus junos). Yuzu is a citrus fruit similar to the satsuma mandarin. It originated in China, but is used extensively as a flavoring in many Asian countries. Yuzu is commonly used for cooking because its rind is very fragrant. It is also used as a flavor enhancer in many dishes, including soups, fish, candies, and teas. The yuzu fruit is very tart and full of large, white seeds that make it difficult to eat. The essential oil, with its high levels of limonene, is used to support the body’s normal, anti-inflammatory responses, for aromatherapy, and for flavoring foods.*
Ningxia Red is also amazing for energy. I take a shot of it first thing in the morning to get me up and another shot at that 3 pm energy lull in the afternoon. I usually will add 1 tbls of apple cider vinegar, water, and an oil of my choice to this oz. of Ningxia. This is what helps me get through my days after long nights, and this is the drink that has absolutely saved me during pregnancy!! I can't say enough about the support it has given me.
Who takes Ningxia Red in our house? Everyone, yes, even my 2 year old(she started drinking it at 12 months) One to two ounces a day is all you need! You can drink straight up or mix with water or juice! Best served chilled.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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What is the thieves starter kit?


This retails at over $330, so $160 is an AWESOME deal for all the product you are getting!

The Thieves Premium Starter Kit includes:
- 15 ml Thieves Essential Oil - it smells so good and is a super charged cleaning oil.
- 2 bottles of Thieves Spray - spray down public bathroom toilets and any other gross surface.
- 2, 14.4 ounce bottles of Thieves Household Cleaner - simply dump a capful in a spray bottle of water and you can clean every room in your house. Even granite and wood floors!
- Thieves Mouthwash - super clean mouth! No swishing nasty chemicals.
- Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste--my favorite toothpaste! Our whole family loves it!
- 2 Thieves Foaming Hand Soaps - it smells fantastic.
- Thieves Hand Purifier - works and is chemical free for everyone in your family!
- 2 Ningxia Red Samples - It's our super antioxidant juice
- 10 Oil Samples...toss in your purse or share with others
- 5 ml Stress Away blend

Becoming chemical free is a process not an overnight, instant change! This kit is a BIG STEP in the right direction!

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How can I become a Young living member?

I would love for you to be a part of my oily family so I can guide you and educate you along the way!! If you would like to join just click here and it'll take you to my website!

Here is also a step by step way to join...

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Why would I want to join Essential Rewards?

Essential Rewards is an “optional” monthly autoship program for wholesale members. When enrolled in Essential Rewards you get awesome perks like REDUCED SHIPPING plus you EARN POINTS to use on future purchases.

You can place only one Essential Rewards per month. The minimum to spend is 50PV a month, you can cancel at any time, just make sure you cash in your points! When enrolling in Essential Rewards you pick the autoship date as well as the essential oils or products you would like to receive each month!

In short, each month when I place my order for regular items such as toothpaste, supplements, Laundry soap, oil's.... I also receive free products, PLUS points that I use like cash to get more FREE YL products!

Please let me know if you have any questions

Vanessa Banks

Health and wellness educator

Young Living Gold

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