The Extraordinary Blue Whale

By:Gladys Balbuena


Australia has a lot of different species living in The Great Barrier reef; for example, there are starfish, blue whales,clams, fish, etc. Blue whales are the biggest sea mammal the world and in the Great Barrier Reef. However blue whales are very interesting sea creatures.I never knew that a big whale could be a very interesting creature.Did you know that about every 10 to 20 minutes,the blue whale must come to the surface to breathe? It's true they breathe oxygen like us and we are mammals and they are too.


It’s amazing to think such a huge simple whale could have different interesting facts and species.Did you know that just one breath from a fully grown adult Blue Whale,will produce enough air to fill nearly 2,000 balloons!!! It’s hard to believe but,a blue whale’s heart is so big,it’s around the size of a small car.The heart is taller than me!!!Blue whales are endangered and the people that help or try to help Blue Whale survive and get away from whale hunters.The people that help the blue whale has a big heart like the whale.Like some people say”You’re never to young or old to help make a huge differance.
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The Blue Whale

It’s big and blue

Its greyish blue

It has two blowholes, too

It can blow up too many balloons

As tall as a ten story building and

Other whales, too.

It eats krill and every 10 minutes

It come up to the surface to breathe the fresh, warm air.

-Gladys Balbuena

Amazing Blue Whale - the Biggest Whale in the World!
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