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March 19, 2021

Traffic and Parking Lot Reminders

Please be reminded of the following related to traffic flow and parking lots:

  • U-turns in active school zones are illegal. Proceed ahead on the street and go around the block if needed!
  • Parking in red zones is prohibited. Park in legal spots only. Do not idle in red zones.
  • Be a good neighbor by parking in legal spots. Do not block driveways or double park.
  • The main parking lot (Battista Ave) is closed during morning arrival and afternoon dismissal. If you park in the main lot during these times, you must remain parked until the blue gates are opened. Morning times are 8:40-9:00 a.m. and afternoon times are 3:10-3:40 p.m.

We appreciate your assistance. With many more students coming on campus in April, we all must work together and be mindful of traffic around the school to be sure students, faculty, and families are all safe.

In-Person Learners - Family Preview Appointments

We will invite our students who will be coming in-person for the first time this school year to the building to have the opportunity to preview the school and their classroom prior to reporting on April 6, 2021. As parents/guardians will not be allowed in the building on school days, this will provide an opportunity for families and their child(ren) to get a similar experience to that which was provided during Meet the Teacher prior to the pandemic.

Here is the general process:

  1. Families of students in Grades 4 and 5 will set an appointment (approximately 10 minutes or less) with the teacher during the afternoon the week of March 22nd. Families of students in grades Pre-K through 3 who will be coming to school for the first time in April will have limited opportunities based on teacher schedules.
  2. Teachers will create their schedule and confirm with families.
  3. Upon arrival, parents/guardians and students will have to follow all safety and hygiene protocols (including wearing a facial covering and adhering to distancing protocols), complete a visitor questionnaire, and have their temperature taken.
  4. Teachers will walk the family through the MPR to show the process for entry and movement in the building and then to the classroom to show the room and the child's spot. If the family has any supplies they would like to donate to the classroom, they would be able to do so at this time.
  5. We need families to bring their child's backpack to get school backpack tags (and bus tag if needed). We will also ask families to complete the dismissal sheet to confirm how the child will be dismissed. In addition, we will provide the Chromebook transport bag that will be required for students to transport their device between home and school.

Please look for information from your child's in-person teacher soon with more details to schedule an appointment. It will be very important that all our in-person learners come to the school building prior to April 6th to help with a smooth opening of in-person learning for additional students.

Reminder for In-Person Learners - Check Your Child's Health Daily

Families are required to check their child's health each morning before coming to school on their assigned in-person learning days.

Any students determined to be exhibiting symptoms related to COVID-19 will be sent home immediately from school from the satellite health office. Should isolation and/or quarantine protocols need to be enacted, communication will be provided from the school.

Click here to view information about checking for illness before leaving home.

In-Person Learning Update - Student Physical Distance Guideline Update Effective April 6, 2021

Effective Tuesday, April 6, 2021, in accordance with updated State and District guidelines, the physical distance between seated students will be reduced from 6 feet to 3 feet. Adults will still maintain 6 feet of physical distance between other adults and students as practicable. "Close in" assistance may be provided with less than 3 feet of distance.

In-Person Learner Reminder - Outdoor Dining

LWJES will continue outdoor dining as weather conditions allow. Please ensure your in-person learner is prepared by applying sunscreen at home before school and sending your child with a hat to wear while outdoors. In addition, please continue to send in-person learners to school with a blanket or towel to sit upon when dining outdoors.

Live Streaming Information

You may notice that some distance learning sessions make use of Google Meet Live Streaming. This provides a student access to view the live session but does not allow for features of Google Meet like participant cameras and microphones to be used or participant chat features. With the transition to more students learning on campus, additional teachers may use Google Meet Live Streaming as needed. If students have questions about a session, please follow the teacher's directions for sharing questions and requesting assistance.

LWJES Lunch Bunch Information

We will hold the final LJWJES Lunch Bunch on 3/24/2021. Due to the return of in-person learning five days per week in elementary schools, we will not be able to facilitate this social activity after spring break.

The link to the LWJES Lunch Bunch will be available in Clever (icon will have a smile emoji). Teachers will also remind students on their day about LWJES Lunch Bunch. Students must be logged in to their CCSD Google account to join.

  • Wednesday (3/24/2021)
    • K-2 @ 11:30 a.m.
    • 3-5 @ 12:00 p.m.

REPOSTING: In-Person Learning Model Information

There are many new procedures that are in place that are different from how school has operated in the past. In addition, we may adjust procedures based on the progress of the implementation process.

It is imperative that all families with students learning in-person carefully follow all aspects of our school's hybrid plan.

Working together, we will achieve our goal of educating students in a safe environment!

All information is subject to ongoing change. Please check back often to review updated information! The following links will take you directly the information indicated.

Click here to go to the Hybrid & Distance Info section of LWJES Online.

View a recording of the hybrid model live stream from 2/22/2021.

Click here to go to the family informational session recording.

View current learning schedules in effect for March 2021. 3/19/2021 NOTE: Schedules for April 2021 will be posted the week of March 22nd and are subject to change from March schedules.

Click here to view schedules for Kindergarten through Grade 5.

Everyone (students and adults) must wear a mask/facial covering when on campus, both indoors and outdoors.

Click here to view information about masks/facial coverings.

Review hand hygiene, social distancing, and respiratory etiquette with your child.

Click here to view information about washing hands, distancing, and respiratory etiquette.

Your class needs supplies!

Click here to view information about donations requested for classrooms.

Your child needs to bring certain items to school each day they come to school for in-person learning.

Click here to view information about what students MUST bring with them on days they are assigned to in-person learning.

Breakfast and Lunch Menu

Click here to see meal menus online. You can also search for food distribution sites on this website. NOTE: You may need to "refresh" the webpage to see the menus for LWJES.

LWJES Online Site

Our school's website with a collection of resources for digitally-supported education.

Campus Parent

Click here to go to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

Spring Break - No School

Monday, March 29th, 7am to Monday, April 5th, 4pm

This is an online event.

No School 3/29 through 4/5. Classes resume on Tuesday, April 6, 2021.