Culture Project

By: Farah Issa

Customs and Traditions


-On our birthday we would get a piñata

-We eat our main meal/dinner around the time we end school instead of later like most families


-Going to my grandparents house in Mexico for Christmas and/or New Years

-secret santa



-Respect to your parents


-Work hard




My mom side is catholic and she is from Mexico and my dads side is muslim and from Palestine. For that reason my family is not religious and we don't go to church but we still believe in God. I am the only child in the family that was born in Mexico. I speak fluent spanish like my mom and my dad speaks fluent arabic.


My mom is very artistic, she draws and paints very well. She has taught my sister and I at very young at how to draw. I don't draw as much as I did at younger age but my sister draws all the time.


My family LOVES to go on vacation. We personally like to go to the beach either in Mexico or in Florida. We go on vacation 3 or 4 times a year. We would really like to travel to other countries in the world but we haven't had the time and money to do that, but I think this summer we are planning to go to Turkey.