daily writing

Monday May 16, 2016

This weekend my family went over to our friends house and we had a ping pong tournament. i played my friend and lost by 10 points. the moms played each other, my brother played my friends dad and my dad played my friends brother. my entire family got out by the end and we decided to practice before we have another tournament. Hopefully next time someone in our family will win and we can get revenge on the other family. i am going to practice every day until then so i can beat my friend, who is only better then me by a little bit.

Tuesday May 17, 2016

This Friday is going to be horrible! Imagine not being able to eat without extreme pain, so you have to live on soup and ice cream for days. Let me tell you it is not fun and i am dreading the day that this horrible thing will happen to me. You might be wondering, what this torture machine is that i speak of. Its... braces. They are the worst thing in the world and i have to get a full set of them on Friday , with rubber bands to hold back my overbite and after a year with them on i have to wear a retainer every night for who knows how long. But on the bright side, my teeth will be perfect when the whole thing is over.

Wednesday May 18, 2016

After school i have two options; I can either go to carver and volunteer for an hour, or i can walk home. I do this because my dad gets off work at 5:00-5:30 and my mom works at carver on Tuesday- Thursday all day and the end of the day on Monday and Friday. I choose to go to the preschool room at carver and help out with their art projects, or supervise/ play with them during center time from 2:55 until 3:15 when they go home. after that i go over to my moms room on the other side of the building and hang out for 15 minutes before kindergarten through fifth grade gets out at 3:30. during that 15 minutes I usually log on to a computer and do homework or play on my phone.

Thursday May 19, 2016

this summer i am starting gymnastics again. when i was 5 or so i started gymnastics, but i quit after 2 years. then when i was 10 i started again, but i quit again after 1 1/2 years. Now i think i'm better and more in to gymnastics then i ever was. i am currently a self taught gymnast but i can do very few skills. i bought my own mat so i don't hurt myself. and got a floor beam for Christmas. i can do a front walkover on the hill in my front yard, a back walkover front limber and i could do cartwheels and one armed cartwheels for days nonstop if i didn't get dizzy. I was so exited the day ups delivered my mat and that was the exact day that i relearned how to do a back walkover. i used to be able to do it but i quit. now that i have my mat i can do it again.

Tuesday May 24, 2016

This Monday i get to march in the manorial day parade with my flute. We are playing one of the songs that we played in the 2nd concert. It is called Belau Wood Concert march. I have to memorize it and it is very hard.

Movie report

The movie that i am going to talk about is called the hunger games. it is my favorite movie ever. It is about a girl who's sister got picked as the girl tribute from district 12 to go into an arena and fight to the death until there is only one person surviving, but the older sister volunteers in her place. When she gets in the train to go to the capital she sees all the food she had ever dreamed of. One course of lunch is more then she has in an entire day. She then arrives at the capital and gets fixed up for the tribute parade, which is where they get on a chariot and ride down a street with hundreds of people sitting on the bleachers and they get to see who will be in the games for the year. then katniss, the main character, goes to training and works on her fighting skills and archery.

Friday may 27, 2016

This weekend i am going out of town to Madison to go shopping with my mom and grandma. We will be going to the mall to shop for summer clothes and shoes, and the farmers market to get some food and Freddie popcorn. I will definitely be sleeping on the way there and back because it is going to be a long day. we are going to go there and back on the same day instead of getting a hotel because my grandma has plans on Sunday so we cant stay the night.