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Melody T.

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I chose this quote because I always have something to read, and if I don't, then my brain suffers a great consequence with nothing to read...

About Me!

My name is Melody, and my favorite genre is realistic fiction/fantasy. I love reading about the unknown, and enjoy learning about dragons, Greek Mythology, and school! I'm the type of reader that would hold off of any other books until I finish one book. It's just one step at a time.

10 Things about Me as a Reader

1. I love reading while listening to classical music.

2. When someone interrupts me while I'm reading, I get extremely cranky.

3. I typically like the book better than the movie.

4. Hunger Games the book is better than the movie.

5. I almost always read either on my windowsill or the back porch. It gives me a feeling of nature.

6. If I'm reading, every stress I have goes away.

7. Every time I read, I always lose track of time.

8. When going to the public library, I love scanning my library card over the scanner!

9. When I go to the library, I always have an idea of which type of book I want to read.

10. I hate ebooks; they don't give me the musty book smell or the feel of the thick pages!

Imagine Dragons - Radioactive

Song Now Playing

I know what you're thinking: I feel radioactive when I read? Of course not, but this song just makes me feel alive and aware of my surroundings. I don't just feel a sense of being, I feel the wanting of more book materials to read!

My Latest Blog Entry

Right now, I am reading The School of Good and Evil. I've just started, and at first it was quite boring. But now, it's getting really exciting, with witches and hags and princesses and dragons, and will soon become one of my top 20 favorite books!

My Interests and Favorites

One of my favorite authors of ALL time would be Grace Lin. She's Taiwanese-American just like me, and when she was little, she went to Taiwan and lived there for a month. I can share a connection with her because I went there for 18 months!

Food Magazine would be my MOST favorite magazine. I love learning about different recipes made by the most talented cooks in the country. Plus, the pictures look so delicious! I could spend all day looking at a picture of a coconut cream pie with lemon frosting if I had to!

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Book Recommendation Websites!

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This website allows you to search for some of the best-loved teen reads and read their summary.
This website is another that allows you to search for great books that other great readers enjoy, and purchase.

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