Mill Creek Weekly Newsletter

November 16-24

Character Trait of the Month


Duty Assignments December 1-December 11

Morning Duty


Kathol-Cleveland/Mill Crossing

Williams-Ball Fields/Sidewalk Crossing


Haag-Front Entrance

Afternoon Duty

Jarvis-Bus Lane

Kraft-Cleveland/Mill Crossing

Lewer-Ball Fields/Sidewalk Crossing



Gentle Reminder

If you have a morning or afternoon duty and will not be able to cover your duty, please let the office know and try to find a person to cover for you. Also, if you have a morning duty and are running late please give the office a call so we can find coverage. With the crosswalk duty becoming a concern, it is imperative that we have staff members at their their locations at 8:15.

Important Dates November 30-December 4

Monday 11/30

Tuesday 12/1

  • Beck's Data Team to BSSE
Wednesday 12/2
  • Vision Team Tier 1 & 2
  • Data Teams
Thursday 12/3
  • Kim to KC N.I.C.E-All day
Friday 12/4
  • Class Meetings
  • Holiday Treat Day-Office staff, specials, counseling, custodian, kitchen

Wish Wells and Celebrations


Welcome back!

Wish Wells

I would like to wish well all the people traveling over the holiday break. I hope they have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving :) -From Taylor Stitt

I want to wish my husband's family (Donald) well. Hospice has been called in and it is only a matter of days. -From Nicole Primm