My 321 Introduction

Hello ^^ There are 3 things you should know about me:

My name is Kraeva Anastasia.

I was born in Saint-Petersburg. I like this city, but I don’t always like its weather.

This year I’ve entered the Herzen University. Being here is very interesting, though I don’t always have enough time to try all opportunities that it gives.

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2 of my favorite activities in the world:

I like travelling. However I was abroad only three times. In my whole life I only was in Malta, Germany and Turkey.

My hobby is singing. But it’s sometimes hard for me to sing to someone.

However I’m trying hard to be less shy. That’s why I’m taking part in different singing events, concerts and musicals.

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1 dream job

I really like to have my own company, maybe a travel agency which will provide interesting and relaxing tours with good service.

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