Africa's Greatest

Africa's greatest land features

Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert is the worlds largest desert. Covering 3,500,000 square miles the Sahara Desert is one of Africa's greatest land features. Fifteen percent of the Sahara desert is sand dunes, and seventy percent is "stone desert" (which is rock or area of coarse gravel). The last percentage is just mountains, oases, and transition zone. Another thing about the Sahara desert is that it has one of the harshest climate. There is a large lack in water, the daytime temperatures are extremely hot and there is sparse vegetation. Overall, the Sahara desert would be a fun and a once in a lifetime place to visit, there's nothing else like it.

Atlas Mountains

The Atlas mountains are a 1,500 mile long system of ranges and plateaus. The Atlas mountains help a lot with farming lands. The slopes facing north have fertile soil that is well watered. The south facing slopes are covered in shrubbery, salt lakes, and salt flats. The mountains contain a lot of minerals, phosphate, coil, iron, and oil.

Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is the world's 3rd largest ocean. It stretches from South Asia all the way to Antarctica. The depth of the ocean floor is 11,000 feet, but a large rift extends along most of the ocean floor. The Indian Ocean is a great place to watch the sunset or see from a helicopter.

Congo Basin

Another one of India's great features is the Congo Basin. It is the 2nd largest river basin in the world and its 1,335,000 square miles. A drainage area lies astride the equator in West central Africa. Overall, the Congo Basin would be an amazing place to see.