Monster Mash

October Reading Challenge Celebration

Reading Challenge

The activity teachers are issuing a challenge to the students of Meadowlane Primary. We are challenging the students to read 10 minutes a night for one month. Our goal is to reach 150,000 minutes. If we meet this challenge we will have a Monster Mash on Friday, October 30 during activity time. Students and staff will be dressing up as a "not so scary monster" for the Monster Mash.

How to Record the Minutes Students Read

First, this is a fun event so don't stress about recording minutes. All classes do "Book Baggies" and record in some form. Simply, ask students how many minutes they read for the night/day/week. I will ask for a total from each class once a week.

The first class totals will be recorded on Friday, Oct. 2 so, START READING!

Curricum Connections

Kindergarten: Computer basics (mouse, double clicking, opening a website, exiting out of a website, safety), Teacher Read Alouds (Rainbow Fish and Monster books), Promote State Programs (Florida Reading Association - Loch Mess Monster), Introduce e-books (Tumblebooks and BookFlix monster books).

1st Grade: Computer skills, Using mobile devices (iPads), Promote State Reading Programs (FRA book Loch Mess Monster), Compare/Contrast two pieces of text (Magic Tree House books), Shared Research (Loch Ness Monster).

2nd Grade: Computer Skills, Text Features of Electronic Resources (research using PebbleGo), Introduce Key Words for Internet Searches (Loch Ness Monster), Using Mobile Devices (iPad), Promote State Reading Programs (FRA book Loch Mess Monster), Compare/Contrast two pieces of text (Loch Mess Monster and Loch Ness Monster), Research with Print Materials to Create a Product (research using PebbleGo).

Library Books About Monsters

Want to find some library books about monsters? Click Destiny on the desktop of your teacher computer. If you don't have the shortcut just email Mr. Baxley and he can put it there. Click Login at the top, sign in with your last name.first name, your password is your 100#. Type in monsters in the find box and click subject. WOW!!!! We have lots of monster books!

Magic Tree House Connections: