Quarter 2

Mrs. Funkhouser - Math - VSH

My name is Mrs. Funkhouser and I am so excited to be your child's math teacher for the 2020-2021 school year! This is my third year teaching middle school math, and my second year at Virtual School House. I am looking forward to the incredible adventure before me with this new school year!

This is still a new way of teaching for me, and I'm sure it is still a new way of learning for you. We will work together to create a powerful, positive, and productive learning environment! Please make sure you read this entire newsletter so you don't miss out on any important information.

Meet the Teacher

I grew up in Allen, Texas. I graduated from New Mexico State University in 2016 with my Bachelor's in Psychology. Right after graduating, I realized my passion for teaching. I decided to get my teaching license through an online platform, ABCTE, and to move to Idaho! I started my first year teaching at Sawtooth Middle School in 2019, and I moved to Virtual School House for the 2020 school year.

My husband, Reilly, and I just welcomed our new baby boy, Bennett, last fall. He will be turning one in November! We have three dogs that are still adjusting to having a new baby brother. We enjoy exploring the outdoors, fishing, binge watching Netflix, and spending time with family.


Teams - The "Classroom"

Think of Teams as the "classroom." This is where you will be learning, taking notes, and asking questions. There is a short class meeting every day to check in and ensure you know and understand what needs completed that day. Your team will have the following channels:

General: I will post important announcements in this channel. Please check here for information before you ask a question.

  • In the Files tab at the top of the channel, you will find an assignment list (every assignment that will be due in class this quarter) and the pacing guide (when we will be covering each lesson).
  • In the Class Information tab at the top of the channel, you will find this newsletter to refer back to if you have any questions.

01 - Class Meetings: This is where you will find the links to the live sessions.

02 - Must Do Weekly Checklist: This is where you will find the weekly schedule and list of assignments that are required.

03 - Office Hours: This is where you can book a meeting with me from 2:45-3:15 daily (with some exceptions) if you have questions or need additional help.

04 - Archived Videos: This is where you can find the recordings of the live classes.

05 - Questions: If you have any general questions that would benefit the entire class, please post them here. This is like raising your hand in class.

06 - Notes: You will find all of the blank notes for each lesson here. You can print these out before class and follow along during our lessons, or however you choose to use them. I will also post the completed notes in this channel.

07 - Absent Work: If you are absent or miss the live class meeting, please go to this channel. Follow the directions posted in the channel to complete your make-up work.

Attendance and Class Schedule

Attendance is a combination of you completing the work assigned each week in FuelEd and attending the live sessions. You do not need to fill anything out to complete attendance. If you are absent from the live meetings or not participating in class, you will be marked absent. If you are absent, you will need to go to channel 07 - "Absent Work" and follow the directions.

Each Friday I will send out an email with some important information and the weekly checklist for the next week. It is extremely important that you read this email and look at the weekly checklist! Please refer back to the weekly emails with any questions about the week. You can also look at the calendar in Teams to see when the next class is.

Please see the example weekly schedule below. This might change some weeks because of holidays and weird weeks.

Monday - Wednesday

30 minutes: live lesson

30 minutes: complete practice

15 minutes: complete daily quiz


30 minutes: Review for test

60 minutes: Complete the test for the week


Please use this time to catch up on any work for the week and to complete test revisions.

Peak - The "Textbook"

Think of FuelEd as the "paperwork" of your math course. This is where you can find your homework, quizzes, tests, and textbook. Within FuelEd you will find the following tabs under each section:

Learn: This section is NOT mandatory. It can be used to review concepts you are struggling with after the lecture.

Practice: The "On Your Own" topic in this section is the daily practice used to prepare for the quiz. The other sections in this unit are additional support when you are struggling.

Assessment: This is where you will find the graded quizzes. Be sure to check the Weekly Checklist to identify which sections have quizzes. The unit test is located in the assessment tab of the final section of the unit. This will be a word document that you must download and save a copy on your computer. Then you can complete it however works best (be sure to save your work!) and submit it in the assessment tab.

*The grade in FuelEd does NOT reflect your grade in the course. To find your most accurate grade, access Powerschool.*

Due Dates

There will be a quiz or test due almost every day. It is important to stay on top of assignments, otherwise late work will accumulate VERY quickly. Late work is accepted, without penalty, until the Friday after the week it was assigned. After that time, it will not be accepted unless pre-arranged with the teacher.


Quizzes have three attempts assigned automatically. You may use all of these attempts without penalty. However, remember these quizzes are worth about 1% of your grade. This means the difference between a 4/5 and a 5/5 is 0.2% of your final grade...

Tests will have one revision. After your test is graded, it will be returned with feedback about the work you submitted. If you have errors, you can revise your work and resubmit it one time to improve your grade. If you need help or you have questions, email me and I will be happy to help you with this.

Grade Calculation

Check PowerSchool for your current grade. The grade in Peak will not be accurate!

Practice/homework - No grade

Practice is intended to provide the opportunity for students to develop familiarity with the

material, so it will not impact a student's grade.

Quizzes - 20%

The daily quizzes are quick checks for understanding. There are approximately 20

quizzes assigned, so each quiz is worth about 1% of the final grade.

Tests - 70%

The tests are intended to accurately measure student understanding of the priority topics

in the course. These account for over 10% of the final grade each.

Final - 10%

The final is intended to measure students' understanding of all of the content from the

semester and how they connect to one another.

**There will be opportunities for extra credit.**

Norms and Expectations

Remember this is a school, the same behavioral expectations apply.

Respect - Be respectful of the learning and struggle that is occurring in the classroom. This is a new learning environment for many students and we are all facing a lot of challenges. Please be patient, kind, and supportive of your classmates.

Live Class - Please participate and respond to questions in Pear Deck. I recommend a pencil, paper, and calculator be ready to work through the same problems that I am.

Help Session - In the help session, you are encouraged to have your microphone on and the problems you are working on available for help.

Teams vs. Email - Think of questions in Teams as the same as raising your hand in class. If your question is something you would ask me one-on-one, please send it in an email instead of posting in Teams. Example: Teams - "Is there a quiz today?" vs Email - "Why is my quiz a 2/5?"