Plantation Trace

By: Anushka and Kristy

About this beautiful region

Georgia's plantation trace, a diverse region, is boasting many personalities. From local lore and musical medleys to edible artistry and magnificent murals.

October is a great time of year to come to the Plantation Trace because of its wonderful weather and its great and fun festivals.

Day 1

Grab your fishing hook because on the first day you get to go to the Banks Lake National Wildlife Refuge. Banks Lake National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) is located in Lanier County, near Lakeland, GA, as part of a much larger blackwater system. The refuge was established in 1985 for the protection and conservation of this unique environment as well as migratory and resident wildlife.


After a long morning of fishing at Banks lake, head on down for a filling meal at the Lighthouse Grill. It is a Family restaurant and is the perfect lunch in for all the seafood lovers out there. Enjoy their tenderloin, porterhouse steak, and grilled shrimp. And for those young picky eaters out there, Lighthouse Grill serves their own fresh cooked chicken tenders!

2:00pm, 1st day - Albany Civil Rights Movement Memorial

This memorial fountain is a great place to take pictures with your favorite civil war veteran's grave.

The memorial fountain commemorates Albany's pivotal role in the civil rights movement. In 1961-1962, the eyes of the nation were focused on Albany as the century-long struggle of African Americans in southwest Georgia to claim their civil and human rights came to a head. Assisted by nationally renowned activists from SNCC, SCLC, CORE and the NAACP, the people of Albany took a stand, determined to fight segregation through nonviolence.

4:00pm, 1st day - Downtown Thomasville Historic District & Visitors Center

Over 100 eclectic boutiques, antique shops, and cafes are nestled among the historic buildings of Downtown Thomasville. After spending the day shopping, enjoy a delicious meal in any number of locally owned and operated restaurants and cafes. This center is like a mini mall, as some may call it. It has many world wide known restaurants like subway and haggen dazs.

Dinner, 1st day - 306 North

306 N Patterson St, Valdosta, GA 31601

This restaurant has a casual but southern style. It offers several kinds of fish and meats at a low cost.

And for those vegetarians, they offer lovely vegetarian plates. they also have desserts for those chocolate loving fans out there!

Night, 1st day - Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Valdosta West

This lovely hotel is located right off of I75 and is near Valdosta state university, and downtown. Check in and enjoy their plush beds and flat screen TV's. And for you parents, their family rooms have separate rooms for the kids so you and your spouse can have a blast while the kids get the fun of having their own room!

Day 2

Rise and Shine!

Head downstairs and enjoy a freshly made breakfast including scrambled eggs and a waffle station. Fill up good because its going to be a long day.

100 Mile Peanut Pickin Yard Sale - 9:00am

Hop into your car drive to the annual 100 Mile peanut Pickin Yard Sale! its better to do it early morning because it opens at 8:00 am so you get first dibs on the good peanuts.

The best of year to visit would be near the second Saturday in October. The annual 100 Mile Peanut Pickin Yard Sale starts in Unadilla and ends in Quitman from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 pm.
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Tifton Museum of Arts &Heritage - 11:00am

After your peanut picking, drive on over to this museum to experience some lovely artwork and scenery. The kids will love to see the paintings as their imagination runs wild.

The Tifton Museum of Art & Heritage is a 1900 Romanseque brick church featuring exquiste stained glass windows, heart of pine floors, vaulted ceilings, buttresses, a bell tower, fanlight doorways and more. It hosts professional exhibitions of paintings, wood, porcelain and more.

Lunch, 1:00pm - mom and dads italian restaurant

4143 N Valdosta Rd, Valdosta, GA 31602

This Italian restaurant is family owned and is very friendly. Its food is home cooked and has its own secret ingredients. The Violante family owns the restaurant and took a big risk coming to America. Their story is below. But they made a good choice opening the restaurant because the food is just magnificent.

The Violante family immigrated to the United States in 1956. Nino Violante, along with his parents, Barbara and Giuseppe Violante, opened a small restaurant in De Funiak Springs, Florida. They had two tables and a counter to serve people. Times were very different and not many Italian products were available in the south. The Violante family made their own fresh mozzarella and parmesan cheeses. Nino was convinced that the ‘Americans’ didn’t like Italian food. He thought the family should learn to make hamburgers because it seemed as though that was all Americans ate! Times certainly have changed…

Betty Sheffield Memorial Garden - 3:30pm, 2nd day

Come pay your respects to this amazing woman.

She worked untiringly as an unpaid supervisor of the city workers to landscape and maintain the medians on the main thoroughfares in Quitman. She was an inspiration for many to beautify their property by planting trees and shrubs and, of course, camellias.

The Big Oak and Big Oak Cam - 5:00pm, 2nd day

Grab your camera! Come take pictures with this hulk tree!

For many years, the Big Oak Tree of Thomasville has stood as one of the show spots of the city and one of the marvels of benevolent nature.One of the largest Southern Live Oak trees east of the Mississippi, the Big Oak has a limb span of over 165 feet, a trunk circumference just over 26.5 feet and reaches 68 feet in height. The Big Oak is located in Elizabeth Ireland Poe Park, where you can enjoy the tree in all its glory from a quiet little gazebo. You can also have your picture taken beside the Big Oak by the Big Oak Cam.

6:30 pm(dinner), 2nd day - Rodeo mexican restaurant

2801 N Ashley St, Valdosta, GA 31602

change it up a little bit! enjoy this restaurants native mexican foods!

Rodeo Mexican Restaurant is proud to bring the taste of Mexico to a neighborhood near you. Each dish is hand crafted the same way our great grandfathers taught us. The end result is an authentic culinary experience. Endulge is a meal rich in history, flavor, and fun.

8:30pm, 2nd day - downtown thomasville

head back to downtown thomasvile where you can get an ice cream from their various homemade ice creams at one of their hometown joints.

9pm, 2nd day - hotel

Head back to the Holiday inn and sleep tight! wait for the better things to come tomorrow

10am, 3rd day

wake up! pull open those blinds, because today you are going to start with the historic andrew college.

downstairs a breakfast awaits, pancakes and omelets!

Andrew College - 12pm, 3rd day

Take a tour of this historic college! it has been standing since before the civil war!

Founded in 1854, Andrew College is a two-year Methodist liberal arts college. The college buildings housed Hood Hospital during the latter part of 1864 until the end of the Civil War. The soldiers who died in Hood Hospital are buried in Greenwood Cemetery.

2pm, 3rd day - Masato japanese restaurant

1307 Baytree Rd, Remerton, GA 31602

Enjoy some japanese food that will change your expectations!

It also plays ESPN on its TV's so enjoy the game while you eat your grill!

Wild Adventures Theme Park - 4pm, 3rd day

Wild Adventures, located in Valdosta, is home to the South's largest collection of amusement rides. The park is also home to more than 500 wild animals, Splash Island Water Park and all-star concerts. Located just a bit north in Tifton, the Agrirama is a 19th Century living history museum. Families will love learning about how life really was in the 19th century.
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Dinner, 7:30pm, 3rd day - Subway

3274 Inner Perimeter Rd, Valdosta, GA 31602

Kick back and enjoy some yummy subway!

Eat Fresh!

4th day

chow down on some hot bacon and eggs and biscuits at the hotel

The Colquitt/Miller Arts Council - 11am, 4th day

This 70 year old building is a fascinating attraction. If the paintings on the outside of the building don't blow you away, just wait until you get inside. Inside Cotton Hall, you will find a top-of-the-line Storytelling Museum that could captivate your attention for hours. We also have a gift shop will all of the Swamp Gravy souvenirs that you could ask for and a concession stand that makes the best popcorn in the Southland! You will also see Colquitt's own Cotton Hall quilting ladies hand quilting a quilt that is raffled off each year. If you're not just astounded by all of that, just wait until you walk through the theater doors.

Stone Creek Golf Course - 3pm, 4th day

4300 Coleman Drive, Valdosta, GA 31602

Enjoy a lovely day with your kids and teach them how to golf! this wonderful golf course is a fun place to golf and see the sunrise and sunset every dawn and dusk.

Winding in a figure-eight fashion over 700 acres of pristine woodlands and gently rolling meadows, the Stone Creek course is a semi-private 18-hole championship course that plays 6,707 total yards.

Baytree pizza(lunch) - 4th day 3:30 pm

607 Baytree Rd, Valdosta, GA 31602

After a day of excersize, you deserve it! Come to the Baytree pizza restaurant and eat some tasty cheesy pizza, freshly baked in front of your eyes!

Drexel Park - 4th day, 5pm

Brookwood Dr. and Patterson St.
Valdosta, GA 31601

Beautiful Drexel Park is home to the annual Azalea Festival, an event that draws hundreds of vendors & thousands of visitors every March. A Century Bike Ride, a 5K & a 1-mile fun run accompany the festival each year.

The festival is a free event that features arts & crafts vendors, a food court, & a huge kids zone full of activities. Bands perform throughout the weekend event, providing a backdrop of music as you meander through the activities among the blooming azaleas.

Azaleas are a unique flower found in Valdosta, GA

Smok'n Pig Barbecue - 4th day, 8pm

4228 N Valdosta Rd, Valdosta, GA 31602

This small cafe has over 70 reviews with a 4.4 star rating. It may look crabby but its food is packed with flavor and richness. Your mouth will water the minute you see their delicious chicken tenders with their freshly baked fries.

Holiday Inn - 4th day, 10pm

Sadly your last day is tomorrow

lets make the most of it!

Day 5 - Holiday Inn

Pack your things,

Your checking out of the hotel at 10am!

Dont leave anything behind, especially your kids!

Grand Bay Wildlife Management Area - 5th day, 11am

10 miles N of Valdosta, Valdosta, GA 31605

Take a hike with the family in the woods or go canoeing, a fun activity for families.

This is an 8,700-acre Wildlife Management Area open to hunting seasonally. Camping, pre-season scouting, hiking, picnicking, canoeing, and other recreational uses are allowed year-round, unless otherwise posted at the WMA check station or at a specific recreation site.

    Lowndes County Historical society and museum - 1pm, 5th day

    305 W. Central Ave., Valdosta, GA 31601

    The Valdosta/Lowndes County Museum was founded in 1967 to protect the rich history of Valdosta and Lowndes County. Located in the old Carnegie Library, we host almost 10,000 square feet of historic displays and research material, including artifacts from early Lowndes County families. The museum includes exhibits displaying artifacts from early Lowndes County families.

    Passage 2 India (lunch) - 3pm, 5th day

    2910 N Ashley St, Valdosta, GA 31602

    Specialize in the North Indian Cuisine and Halal, where cooks typically use rich spices and aromatic herbs to transform intricate conjurations of vegetables, lentils, and rice into tasty meals that are as fulfilling as they are filling.

    Driving back to Atlanta

    Awwww your leaving!!!!

    So sad to see you go so soon!

    Hope you come back as the Plantation Trace region is a beautiful region with history, fun, and beauty.

    Demographic Fact

    43% of residents are under the age of 20, which is morethan the typical neighborhood in Raleigh-Durham. If you have young kids, this neighborhood could be a great spot for you and your family.