Howard Schultz

CEO of Starbucks

All About Howard Schultz

  • Howard was born in Brooklyn, New York on July 19, 1953
  • Howard experienced a poor childhood, and he watched his father's self-esteem being fractured day by day during his childhood
  • Others refer to Howard as passionate about his job, and inspirational
  • Howard's leadership skills include democratic leadership and transformational leadership, i determined this becaues these leadership skills is one of the secrets to Starbuck's success
  • Howard gained a sense of dignity and pride growing up, thus leading to being the CEO of Starbuck's, he gained these elements as he went into college and continued on after that
  • Howard's leadership affected others because others wanted to accomplish as much as he did; they respected and looked up to him
  • I think I share a sense of pride with Howard because I always try my hardest and do my best and i always take pride in everything I do
  • Howard's most importan telemnt of leadership was his dignity, because if you don't have any dignity you basically don't care, in my opinion
  • I would want to be just like Howard one becuse I, too love coffee and i someday want to own my own business and possible many around the country, like him

Are you a Leader?

Leaders and Their Traits

Leaders do not have to portray all the qualities of a leader to be effective, because they may not have or want all of those qualities. You have to develop many qualities to be a leader such as confidence, motivation, honesty, commitment, awareness, accountability, optimism etc.