Collaborating and Problem Solving to Change the World

Student Agency

We believe that Student Agency is an essential component of our learning environment. Students are the "agent" or person with the active role in their learning. Our teachers craft learning opportunities where students increasingly drive the learning by making, creating, doing, sharing, collaborating, and publishing in ways that are meaningful to them.

What does this look like?

5th Graders Plan and Implement Family Read Night

Recently, PTA invited the teachers to take a more substantial role in our March 8th Family Read Night. A cadre of 5th graders are leading, planning, and implementing an engaging family night full of choices about reading. In the process, they have learned about collaborating, communicating, and making ideas become real. They are highly engaged and their leadership will carry forward.

Leadership Among Students to Send Hunger Packing

Last year, Mrs. Gius' 4th Graders learned about issues of homelessness in our community. In this process, they identified that some children in our public schools need additional support with food at home. Working with a community liaison, they brought the Send Hunger Packing program to Chipeta. As 5th graders this year, they have taught the 4th graders how to organize the food stores and pack the backpacks with food. Again, the learning, leadership, communication, and collaboration has strengthened our students and their learning.

Happenings - March 2018

We are currently accepting Choice Open Enrollment Applications for students in all grades for next school year. Call the office at 328-5500 to schedule a tour.

Upcoming Events
  • Thursday, March 8 from 6-7:15 pm - Family Read Night. Join us for a fun evening of reading activities.
  • Tuesday, March 13 from 5-6:30 pm - School Accountability Committee meeting in the Media Center Lab
  • Tuesday, March 13 from from 6:30-8 pm - Westside Sing Choir Concert featuring our Chipeta Red Hot Treble Choir in the Coronado HS Auditorium
  • Thursday, March 15 from 6:30-7:30 pm - 5th Grade Music Program in the Gym
  • Friday, March 16 from 1:30-2:30 pm - Quarterly Conversation with the Principal
  • Friday, March 23 (time TBD) - 1st Grade Collections Fair

Chipeta . . .

  • is an inclusive community in which children are nurtured and challenged to become learners now and for the future.
  • where students are self-directed learners collaborating, taking risks, and problem solving to change our world.
  • strives to balance all of the competencies as we set high standards and levels of achievement and growth for all students.