Body Image

By: Jacob Varvel

My Definition of body image

What i think of body image is that if you really feel the need to look like what the media wants you too then your asking for a lot of problems because looking perfect wont make you better than everyone else and its just asking for all the wrong attention. Look the way you think you look best.

Definition of body image, then and now

  • 1910: The ideal women is slender and tall with big breasts and wide hips. Evelyn Nesbit is the best example

  • 1920: The ideal women had long arms, a flat chest, and lots of make up also short skirts. Louis Brooks is the best example
  • 1930: The ideal women had long shoulders, short hair, long legs and heavy eye shadow. Barbra Stazwyck is the best example
  • 1940 and 1950: The ideal women was just like Marilyn Monroe, short hair, slim body, big breasts, wide hips and heavy make up on their cheeks and eyes. Marilyn Monroe was the best example
  • 1960: The ideal women was really skinny and almost had no fat. Long hair in different styles. The look was compared to a almost teenage look because of the no body fat most women. Jessica Lange was the best example
  • 1970: The ideal women was the same as the 1960s
  • 1980: The ideal women was slender and tall. Most famous was model Cindy Crawford
  • 1990: The ideal women was extremely skinny and had large breasts. Most famous was Pamela Anderson
  • 2000: The ideal women was slender with big breasts and butt. Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez are the best example
  • 2010: Same as 2000s. Nicki Minaj is the best example.
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