Science With Mr Harvey

6th Edition, 2015-2016

Journal Check This Week

Journals will be collected this week to be graded. The rubric can be found on the homepage of my website. I have reviewed the rubric with the students and posted it to edmodo. Tutorials on Tuesday and Thursday will be open to students who need to work on their journals. The grading policy can be found on the bottom of the rubric. Please encourage your student to take the rubric and self-check their journal before turning it in. The schedule for turning them in is as follows:

Monday: 7th Period

Tuesday: 2nd Period

Wednesday: 3rd Period

Thursday: 4th and 5th Periods

Friday: 6th Period

This Week In Science...

Monday - Triple Beam Balance / Set up for Lab

Tuesday - Metric Train Station Lab

Wednesday - Metric Train Station Lab (cont.)

Thursday - Rainbow Station Lab

Friday - Review Stations / Re-visit Stations

Grades This Week...

Daily Grades: None

Major Grades: Science Journal Check

Homework This Week...

Review Journals and ensure their completion.

SuperHero Pep Rally Last Thursday!!!

Even Albert Einstein Asked Questions...