Curriculum Related eBooks

Multi-user, so never worry about availability!

Go to the HH Library Homepage.

You can find it from the "tree" icon on your laptop desktop or school iPad. OR if you are in the computer lab or in the library right click with the mouse out on an empty part of the desktop and the library page link will be in the menu. The welcome page will show you this, the resource page will go straight down to the next step.
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This is the icon to look for.

It's on the right column of the page. The icon itself may change at some point (not super pretty right now) but for now that's what and where it is! Click on this link to open it up directly from this Smore.

When you click there you will see a basic menu screen.

But once you hover your mouse over the topics, some pop up menus might appear!

For example, here's a screenshot of the books available for Weather!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • From school no login is required.
  • From home a login is required. See your Google Drive for a document with all the passwords you might need. Search for "Home Access." The document was shared with you by DeeDee Davenport.
  • Some titles are in only English, some are in only Spanish, and some are bilingual. Some are easy, some are more difficult.
  • The number of titles under each topic can vary greatly. Some only have one. Some may have 9 or 10!