East Edition

Dec. 14, 2015

Gratitudes, Congratulations and Celebrations

Thanks to Tanya for designing a great tree trimming ceremony and to all teachers for taking time to allow their students to enjoy. Thanks to Karen for her help in getting and keeping everyone organized during each celebration.

Thanks to all those that did learning walks last Monday. Host teachers . . thanks for being brave and allowing teams to come and visit your classrooms for 15 - 20 minutes. Visiting teachers . . . thanks for the great debriefing sessions in which you found amazing long lists of effective practices and then reflected on your own practices so deeply. Great Job.

Gratitudes to Jen and Erica for keeping our front offices running smoothly and responding to so many parent, student, staff and principal needs and requests. You two are a great team and amazing women!

Congratulations to all that are contributing to our flooding model in such a positive manner. Teachers are sharing their ideas and information about core instruction during co-planning, interventionists are staying on top of decoding targets, but still also enhancing core instruction. All are collaborating and problem soling around those students who need extra support or extra pushes. Awesome work from all involved.

Thanks to the classified staff members who met with me at their staff meeting last week in the early morning hours. Your feedback, perspective and ideas were excellent and valuable.

CoPlanning Changing to One Day Per Week

Beginning right after break, we will move to only one day per week of co-planning. We will alternate between math and reading with Kristin and Tiffany leading the same content areas as in the past, in the same manner, just less frequently. Kristin, Tiffany and I will get together and map out the month of January to let you know which content areas are being planned on which Fridays. Much of this will depend upon the work that has been completed thus far and what is coming up on the scope and sequence.


This Week's Events & Happenings



  • Fire Drill @ 12:15 pm'
  • Zack and Sarah walkthroughs 1:30 pm
  • School Board Meeting - 3:00 - 8:00ish pm
  • Short Social Committee Meeting 3:40 pm


  • Co-Planning Math
  • 3rd Grade Music Programs for school - 10:15 am
  • CST Meeting - 2:30 pm
  • 3rd Grade Musci Program for parents - 6:00 pm


  • Elem Princ Collab - 10 am


  • CDE Reps visiting East Elementary as part of a Pre-3 task force that Sarah is participating. No prep required for anyone except Sarah


  • District Collab on Friday, Dec. 18 @ Admin (2:35 pm)
  • NO CoPLanning for Reading on Friday

What's Happening Next Week? (Jan 4 - 8)

  • Access Test Practices for all K - 5 ELL students
  • Building Leadership Team Meeting - Mon, Jan 4
  • IBS Problem Solving Team - Mon, Jan 4 4:00 pm
  • CST and IEP Meetings - Tues, Jan 5
  • 5th Grade iPad meeting (all principals, coaches and 5th grade teachers) - Tues, Jan 5 4:00 pm at Admin Building
  • Elem Principal Collab - Wed, Jan 6 8:00 am
  • UbD Team Meeting - Wed, Jan 6 4:00 pm
  • PARCC Assessment Training for School Coordinators - Thurs, Jan 7 1:00 pm
  • Building Collab - Fri, Jan 8 2:20 pm
  • Art Days - Thurs & Fri, Jan 7 & 8

What's Happening In January?

  • DIBELS Benchmark Testing (Whole School - Every Child)
  • ACCESS Testing - Digital/Online (Schedule coming before Christmas Break)
  • Learning Walks

January Inservice Planning & Survey

The elementary principals and Amy Ward will be planning the upcoming January 11th Inservice day. Please complete this survey so that we can be focused on those priorities


Teach Tos in January

Helping students with behavior when they come back from break will be a crucial part of our success after the holidays. Look for a list of Teach Tos that will be expected to be taught over the first two weeks coming back from break. A list will be shared via email sometime this week. Please sign up for your class to come to the cafeteria after break for re-learning expectations and the new consequences and reward systems that will be put into place. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1r0FjGHbwUdq9Gec48x4Kr9v_g2_6X-pRljaWOsUHC3A/edit

Next Round of Learning Walks - January 18th

Learning walks were such a success last week. Thanks to all the host and visiting teacher that were willing to try our first round. Our next round of learning walks will be January 18th. Ava Lanes will be facilitating these learning walks again. I would like every certified staff member to give this form of professional development a try on that day. It would require you to be away from your classroom for 1 - 2 hours depending upon whether or not you wanted to do 1 or 2 walks. I will work on a schedule for that day during the holiday break. Please go to the following Google Doc and indicate whether or not you desire to do 1 or 2 learning walks. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lQOO5w_7ZcJ7QH1L5H-prFunzDt-jr3vCiYBcH6W1hI/edit

Please let me know via email if you would be willing to be a host teacher.

Safety Tip - Cooking in Classrooms

Fire and burn to students are the big risks to any heat source or cooking item in the classroom. No one should be conducting cooking activities in their classroom. If there is a special learning activity that requires a device or piece of equipment that can produce heat, you will need to get special permission with me prior to its use.

No Reading CoPlanning This Friday (Dec. 18)

i3Seed Professional Development Opportunities

Dear Educator,

The registration deadline for an extended professional development opportunity is drawing near. The i3 SEED Team would like to invite you to join one of three Teacher Learning Communities (TLC):

1. Formative Teaching Strategies - The First Three Years

2. Diving Deeper - Ongoing Assessment and Rigor in the Elementary Classroom

3. Diving Deeper - Ongoing Assessment and Rigor in the Secondary Classroom

Teacher Learning Communities are committed to leveraging professional growth through learning opportunities that integrate focused in-depth learning, individualized action research, and intentional collaboration with regional peers. If interested, please click on the TLC topic of your choice to be directed to the sign-up page.

The registration deadline is this Friday, December 11th, at 12 pm. If you have any questions about participating in a TLC, do not hesitate to contact me.

Have a wonderful day,

Maggie Bruski

i3 SEED Innovation Coach

Northwest Colorado BOCES


work: 970-879-0391 ext. 310

cell: 303-667-3163

Need a Laugh?

Here is a fun video of teachers entertaining their students with the 12 Days of Christmas. Enjoy!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXtCSUqKNTk
Twelve Days of Christmas