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WHS Counseling Center Newsletter Sept 2021

Meet the Counseling Center Faculty and Staff!

How To Be Succesful at Wasatch High School

Get Involved!

Club Swarm(club fair) is TODAY!! During both lunches, outside, behind the cafeteria. Take a minute and browse through the many clubs we offer at WHS!!

Students who participate in extracurricular activities:

  • generally earn a higher GPA than those that don't
  • have fewer absences than those that don't
  • have a higher rate of post-high school plans that include some college(remember, college is ANY post-high school training!)

Several of our sports are "open", meaning that they don't require a try-out to join the team. Some have a try out to make the team, and some have qualifiers, where you can participate in practices, but have to qualify with a certain time or score to compete against other schools. Don't be afraid to go out for a school sport! Did you know you earn .50 credit if you are on a team? That's a perk!

Extracurricular activities will help you be successful in high school, expand your social network, and fill your time with FUN activities!

Go To Class!

It is hard to fail a class if you show up consistently!! Teachers usually acknowledge effort when you are in class, so just go!!! There are many students who come to school, but still don't attend class. These students will eventually be referred to in-school suspension for an undetermined amount of time, which gives them time to work on make-up work and hopefully realize that it is easier if you just go to class in the first place! Students: come to school, go to class, and reap the rewards of better grades, teacher support in classes, and getting to know other students. Missing class just makes your high school experience harder in the long run.

Get Good Grades!

Do your best! At Wasatch, we "Expect to Excel!". This means always putting in the effort required to get passing grades. Set a goal to reach a certain GPA every term. Your GPA will help you with college admissions and scholarships. When you do you best and have a higher GPA, you are leaving doors of opportunity open. If you don't know what your plans after high school are now, and a few years pass until you figure it out, you will have more choices available to you because of the preparation you've done now! Set goals, work hard, and you will thank yourself later!

Upcoming Events

Wayfinder Lessons- 9th grade

WAYfinder Lessons are designed to teach students how to develop healthy relationships and connections among peers, family, and even people they just met. Students are given strategies for self-assessment, communication, boundaries, and values. These lessons are delivered in all Health classes and will be starting in September. Wasatch Aware Youth(WAYfinder) is curriculum created by our licensed social workers along with support from school counselors. Lessons are taught by social workers and school counselors. Our first WAYfinder lessons will be Sept 8th & 9th

Midterms- September 10th

Can you believe we are talking about midterms already?? Midterms are Sept. 10th. Teachers will post midterm grades to SIS. Parents, you are highly encouraged to login to SIS and check your student's midterm grades. This is a great time to make sure your student is keeping up in their classes, identify any issues your student may be having, and make a plan with your student to finish the term strong!

"What I Wish I'd Known In High School"- 9th grade

9th grade students will hear from counselors about the things they should know in order to be successful in high school. Topics include: how to interpret your transcript, understanding how a GPA is determined and how failing grades impact it, the importance of getting involved, and setting goals. WHS alumni, share their insights of "what they wished they'd known" in order to make their pathway through high school more enjoyable, successful, and fun! Counselors will be delivering this presentation to 9th graders in their math classes Sept 14th & 15th.

"How to Pay for College"- 12th grade

Counselors will be visiting 12th grade English classes to teach seniors how to find scholarships and give them some information about federal financial aid. More details in the Seniors & Scholarships Newsletter. Sept 22nd & 23rd

Parent Night(12th grade)- How to Pay for College

We know parents want information regarding scholarships and financial aid, so counselors will be hosting a "How to Pay for College" Night on Sept 28th. Details will be in the Seniors & Scholarship Newsletter.

Homecoming Week!

Homecoming Week is Sept 20th-25th. This week will be full of fun activities for everyone! Follow @wasatchhs on instagram to be informed of homecoming events. Daily announcements will also keep students informed of homecoming activities. Homecoming game vs Springville will be Friday, 24th and the Homecoming dance is Sat., 25th!