Rachel Carson: Amazing Author

By: Alaina Thompson

Who is Rachel Carson?

Rachel was an author and marine biologist who was born on May 27 1907 and died on April 14 1964. People say she is famous just for her books which were mostly about the sea. People don't know that she inspired people to save the Earth. She did a lot to change our world. People are still doing bad things that hurt the Earth. But there are other people that are trying to save, or persuade others to stop. This is all because of Rachel Carson.

What Motivated Her to Write?

Rachel had to have something that motivated her to write! It was her brother. He fought in World War I. Every once in a while, he comes home and talks about what happens during the war. Once, Rachel's brother told her an amazing story! A man's plane was unbalanced, so he needed to climb out of the plane to balance on the other wing of the plane while the plane was flying. The man's co-pilot landed the plane with it finally balanced. Rachel loved that story so much, she wanted to rewrite it and send it to a magazine that publishes kids' stories if they think they are good enough. It got in the magazine because they loved it so much! She won the silver medal for her story. She then wanted to write even more but decided to focus on the sea.

What is an Important Part of Her Life?

When Rachel published her 4th book, people didn't like Silent Spring because it says not to pollute. Auto manufacturers did not like that because cars pollute. The auto manufacturers might think that when people read that, they will stop buying cars and use something else to get around. That will hurt them. Rachel then got threatened by the auto manufacturers.

What Do I Love About Her Life the Most?

I loved that Rachel always had an environmental conscience. That means that she always thought deeper about our world. I also love that she has inspired people to change the world. But, she even inspired me! She inspired me to pollute less. When I go out to the bus, my mom drives me to the bus stop. I have decided to change that and walk to the bus instead. She has taught me that I can change the world by thinking about not just what is best for me. Her strength is writing. There are trees at the top of my street. They have orange tape on them because they are going to be cut down just because they are hanging over power lines. I don't get why they would cut down the whole tree. Trees help us. They are giving off oxygen for us. This shows that they are helping us so that we can live. We won't be able to breathe if trees were gone. Parts of the tree are hanging over the power lines, not the entire tree. You can cut of some branches just so that the tree can still stay. They need to stay. I'm confident that Rachel would agree with me.

What Should We Do?

When I first read about Rachel, I thought she was a little girl who loved to read, write and loved nature. But now I realize that she was an author who wrote about what she loved and wrote to save our world. She wrote five books to say what the sea is and how to take care of it. Two of her books beg us to stop harming the atmosphere. I learned that we should listen to Rachel. We should take care of this land. Write letters, make signs, do anything you can to save this Earth. I learned all this from Rachel Carson.
Rachel Carson Project

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