Climate Change

An inconvinient truth.

The key point.

The key point of this is that climate change is a big issue that needs to be dealt with now. People need to see what is happening and think about it properly so they see the problem. The authorities need to educate people on the cause and effects of global warming of all kinds, before it is too late.

The Explanation

How does this happen?

When the suns rays come down to the earth, some of them stay in our seas and air, but a majority of them are supposed to bounce back up to space. This is caused when they come in contact with things like glaciers, that are reflective to the rays. The rays go up past the atmosphere and leave the earth, keeping our climate cool. However, due to the emission of a large amount of gasses, the atmosphere is getting thicker at an alarming rate. Instead of sailing past it, the gasses are being trapped inside the earth by the thick wall, and have no choice but to go back down and heat up the earth more than it can handle. More sun rays heat up the oceans, which means that the ice is melting and leaving less surface area for the rays to bounce off, which then in turn means the sea gets even warmer, and so on. This is an endless cycle that we need to stop.

The Evidence

Where can we see this happening?

All around the world we can see the effects of climate change. Other than the weather getting to higher extremes, we can see that the ice is, in actuality, melting. The once mighty masses of freezing ice, home to penguins and polar bears, is shrinking. We are seeing the bears drown, something you would definitely not expect. They get from place to place by swimming between outcrops of ice, but these are disappearing quickly, leaving the bears with nowhere to go but further into the water. Giant walls of ice by the edge of the sea crumble, leaving less space for the penguins that dive off the edge, making them swim further and exert more energy to get their food.

There is more than animals effected by the ice melting, though. When it does inevitably all turn in to water, it will make the sea level rise dramatically. Hundreds of thousand of people will lose the land they call home, as countries that have their borders next to the sea will be enveloped. The Netherlands, a place that is set low in the earth and closer to the water, will have almost all of it turned into an underwater wasteland. We need to stop these events from happening, not only for the sake of the environment, but for our own good.

The Elimination

What can we do to stop it happening?

We, as humans, need to realise what we are doing and stop. We are ignorant of the effect we are having, thinking that the earth is too large to be affected by our actions, whist simultaneously being the main cause of the deteriorating natural climate. There are skeptics who don't even believe it is any sort of an issue, despite the glaring evidence. They pass it off as a repeat of the past, a natural occurrence, even though nothing like this has ever happened in history, and future expectations are literally off the charts in comparison to the past.

We need to realise that we are the main cause of this very real, very dangerous issue. When people choose to not do anything on the matter, they are defiling the world and leaving the problem to future generations. What they have to do instead is to become more environmentally aware and ask more forcefully for a political change of mind on the matter, so we can even begin to combat the rapidly growing issue.